Rochester, New York
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Voice of experience. Do not purchase any brand of mattresses or box spring sets from Sears.

If purchase from other sources please read the warranty before purchasing. We purchased a Stearns & Foster set freom Sears in 04/2010. The mattress exceeded the "Industry Standards" of depression (1.5"). Sears readily replaced only the mattress.

Within 3 months the 2nd mattress side collapsed and had a 27" x 2.25" bulge from the upper spring area failing. Sears denied all warranty as over 30 days from the replacement of the original. The 2nd failure was over the 30 day period, but within 90 days. We contacted Stearns & Foster and they advised to contact Sears as they sold the set.

This attitude by Sears and Stearns & Foster (Note: Stearns & Foster is owned by Sealy Inc, whom also own Bassett Bedding, please beware). No wonder Sears/KMart are headed downhill.

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Same thing happened to us and now we are stuck with a junk mattress that we paid to much for..