Well it is easy to see that the complaint negative comments well over shadow the positive feedback. Mine falls into the negative as well.

I have been a sears customer for over 30 years. I have also been a Sears employee. I cannot believe how sears has allowed the company to go downhill in such a bad way. I purchased a dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer.

I also purchased the extra insurance that is offered. Where the sales persons basically tells you anything at all happens to the appliances this insurance covers it . Well they tell a lie in order to make a sale. I decided to use my self cleaning option on my range for the very first time after 4 years of owning the range.

The self cleaning option damages your stoves. It leaves burnt yellow marks where the heat(venting) comes out on the stove, such as the door and the main console. Guess what people?? The insurance you purchased does not cover this as it is deemed cosmetic.

Remember the sales person??? telling you that this insurance covers it all (NOT SO).. The technician told me that the feature does this to all the stoves you just don't see it on stainless steel and black stoves. Mine is WHITE!!!.

I like many others asked to have this situation escalated as I was stunned that the response was basically you are on your own the stove works so what if it is yellow we deem this cosmetic oh well so sad for you ...When you purchase a stove with a self cleaning option you use at your own risk this feature damages all stoves but the sales person does not tell you this. They lie and sell you insurance to cover all ..Yah right ..LIES...I called customer service they told me cosmetic not covered even though you paid for the insurance coverage. I explained to him that the feature is on all stove but it is unusable as it damages the stove. Customers are not warned .

He spoke to his supervisor then I spoke to supervisor . Angelo (supervisor) said he would make a few calls and call me back . He told me to use Mr. clean or SOS pad on the stains.

I told him I would not use SOS as it would further damage he agreed. He said he spoke to store manager and and that I should talk to them. I asked for number he gave me 613 741 8383. I asked for the name of the manager .

He said I don't no the name. I said to him you just spoke to the person you told me and you do not no the persons name? He replied I did not ask. So I said to him you basically are trying to push me along to somebody else correct?

I want to speak to a manager above you. He transferred me to Montreal Nilton Mendes. I explained to him the whole situation and he said I had a valid point. and he would discuss the issue with a manager but could only get back to me on Monday April 15 at around 5pm Monday April 15, 2013 Received no calls as promised.

My situation still has not been resolved.Received a call from Sears regarding the technician call that was sent to my home. I told them that the technician was excellent it is the decision done by sears that this issue is cosmetic. The oven self cleaner is a feature sold on all ranges but the feature cannot be used as it will damage your stove. This is not told to customer when purchasing it.

The bottom line is SEARS no longer cares about it's customers. They promise calls which are never returned...they sell you insurance which are basically worthless. People DO NOT Purchase that insurance you are wasting your money. DO NOT shop SEARS shop elsewhere such a Leon's or brick etc.

It is very sad to see a company that was wonderful to it's customer being run down hill.

I suspect we can say so long to SEARS in the not so distant future. I for one will never shop sears ever again and nor will my family .

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