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Let me start by saying do not alway's believe what you read. I made a payment on my Sear's bill on 3-19-08, that was the due date of my payment, it was made in store at the register.

A few day's later I received my new statement, it said that I was late with my last payment, so they charged me a late fee of $35.00 this was put on my bill on the same date of 3-19-08, I called customer service and explained the problem, all I got was belittled and was told that I should of paid the bill a few day's earlier, what a crock. If that's the case then why don't they say on the bill, in BOLD print ''DO NOT PAY BY DUE DATE YOU WILL GET CHEATED OUT OF 35.00 DOLLAR'S, not only did that mess thing's up, but they raised my minimum payment, so now I have to pay more, in conclusion, I HATE SEAR'S and will never shop there again.

Thank you.

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