Columbus, Ohio

Trying to replace a defective mattress has turned into a month long process. I am currently on hold (HAVE BEEN FOR ALMOST TWO HOURS!!!!).

Everyone has been pleasant and offered apologies, but NO ONE is willing to help. All I have received is apologies. One of the reps I spoke to even admitted that there is a severe "disconnect" within the departments within Sears when I said they really struggle with their processes. The first woman I spoke with said, "Your wait could be 5 minutes or 45 minutes.

(unacceptable) If at any time you feel as though you have waited too long, please call back to this number." I called back after 50 minutes of horrible hold music and was apologized to and....put on hold again; (so what was the point of calling back? To get put on the bottom of the ist again?)this time for 20 minutes before I called back, at which time I got another apology and put on hold again. If even the people that work there can tell me, "Oh I knew right away when you told me how long you were on hold which department you were on hold for.

The mattress department has been really busy" Are you kidding me?

This is unacceptable customer service at ANY company, especially one as well known as Sears.

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I to was having difficulty trying to contact sears being but on hold it's a tactic they use to make you forget about ever calling back so they can drop your claim. The best thing you can do is go online to the better business bureau and file a complaint after waiting for sears to call answer resolve my problem after 1 month nothing happened as soon as I filed a complaint with the bbb who calls me three days later sears saying we are going to replace your mattress wow it took for me to contact the bbb for them to help me because of that month my dad who has a bad back had to sleep on that mattress for a whole month sears always says we strive to help out the consumer of course you have to pretend to keep your image up so they are going to tell you everything under the moon and the stars.


Same thing here, Dont buy Mattress with Sears

Issue: The center part of my mattress goes down (more than half feet) when I sleep on the mattress (but not in matterss sides, head side or leg side…only in center). We are getting severe back pain.


1) I tried to reach sears customer care several times but no proper response. They keep transferring calls

2) One lady, she cannot do anything for this case and advised me to call Sally (mattress company)

3) I called them, but they says it has come through Sears

4) So I stopped by in Shop. The shop says since it’s online….shop cannot do any thing

5) Finally I reached some department, they asked me for some photos. Which I sent…now they says the mattress not going more than 1 ½ inch.

6) They are expecting 1 ½ inch without any pressure on mattress, but it’s going ½ feet down only when we sleep (lie-down) on mattress that too only on center

7) We stopped using after 4-5 months, now almost 10 months and for the last 5 months I’m trying to customer care, proper response

8) Some customer care people are very rude

9) One person replied, saying they will give a call back and send some person to see the mattress after that no response (now almost 10 months, I called the customer care several times)