They're absolutely horrible. Today I was scheduled to have repair service on my washer.

Paid almost $200 for the warrenty on a Maytag. I was told the repair tech would be there between the hours of 8-5pm. My husband took the day off from work to be here. I had to wait 2 wks for the appt.

We also were told we had to move the washer out of the laundry room closet in order for the repair tech. to work on the machine.

So, now my washer is sitting in my kitchen. When I got home at 4pm. Still no tech!

This is exactly what Sears had done the last time I had to have repairs made to my washer. I immediately contacted Sears Warrenty Dept. I was told the tech was running behind & had requested the appt to be rescheduled. Not even the courtesy of a phone call.

We're sitting around all day waiting for them and they're a no show! I expressed my anger & was then passed from one customer service rep to another. Each claiming they couldn't help me. When I asked for a supervisor I was told it wouldn't make a difference and that they would just tell me the same thing.

My only option was to reschedule for the following Thursday (1st available) and call back customer relations in the morning to file a complaint. I then demanded to speak to the routing dept. The ones who are responsible for dispatching a tech. I was told that was not possible.

I rep. finally agreed to call & ask them again for an appt the following morning. He then got back on the phone with me & said that a representative named Katrina, in the routing dept, had hung up on him. I asked him to try again.

This time the phone rang & a girl named Katrina answered the phone. When I repeated her name...she immediately hung up on me. Shocked by the mis-treatment. I called back & spoke to another cust.

service rep. I asked to speak to a supervisor & was told that I would have to give him the info. I had to repeat the entire story again & was told that the reps in routing are not allowed to talk to reps. So, that makes it OK to just hang up on a customer!

I was once again told that my only option was to reschedule. I hung up & contact the local Sears store where I had purchased my washer. I spoke to the store Mgr. who was wonderful.

She immediately contacted the warrenty department & made a supervisor commit to dispatching a repair tech the next day. She did this in 10 minutes. She said that she will file a complaint with the district Mgr. because the treatment was unacceptable.

Sear's is known for their horrible service & I swear I don't care if they're offering something for 80% off retail....I will never buy a product from that store again. If you have to buy from them...do yourself a favor & don't buy a warrenty from them.

They will be all smiles when they take your money but then treat you like *** if you need to service!!!

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