San Antonio, Texas
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$10000 for granite countertops??? You have got to be kinding....Everyother qoute I got was less than half!

Pushy salesman and big mark ups! What a joke. The sales man never shared cost per foot or told us the cost of material or broke down any costs. Then he tried to "save us 20% by ordering right then and there.

He also tried to scare us about contractors and the "big chains". I will never go to sears for anything product for the rest of my life.

Please heed my advice and buy your products from a company that cares about the consumer.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I had Sears do a solid surface countertop and 5 standard size cabinets. Cost-$9,000.

37 sq. feet of counter. Salesman refused to give me breakdown of costs, then pressured me until I finally bought. I feel really *** now, but live and learn.

Never again will I allow Sears into my home.

I plan on having the remaining cabinets refaced, but will get three bids before I buy. Needless to say, none of them will be from Sears.


Heed the warnings people !!!! If you allow Sears to do any work for you, then it's YOUR fault for being taken advantage of !!!

These people really do belong in jail for the way they conduct business !!!!

They charge between 300-400 percent higher than the going rate !!!


My quote was for 11,000 (after the 20% discount) and I live in a studio condo. Total BS.

Tried to sell me Corian because it was cheaper than granite. Still close to 7,000. After 4 hours she finally left. Called me that night, twice the next day, and the day after that.

She finally stopped calling.

I went through costco. Same type of granite for 4,000 and no pressure to buy.


Sears will NOT give me a line-by-line berakdown of this 3,806 dollar bill. WTH?!?!

How much are you charging me for what? And how in the world is my tiny kitchen costing this much? a 10 foot section of laminate is 106.00. i only need one!

and 3 smaller pieces! I have a jigsaw and a Lowes down the street. I get great deals on my appliances on clearance at Sears, but this is an insult!

Sales man was nice, and knowledgeable. :( :( :(


So true, i work for Sears :( They use subcontract labor for everything !!! The reason the salesman did not break down the cost is they don't want you to know your paying 4 times the going rate for product !!!!! They do indeed suck and only a fool would purchase anything from them !!!!!!!