Just got off the phone with Sears. Have been trying to get my washer (that's less than a year old) repaired. Already had someone out yesterday and he said he fixed it. He left without running it to make sure it was fixed.

Called yesterday afternoon after I realized it was still down and rescheduled a repair for this morning (8am-12pm). I was told I was the first appt. of the day. At 10:30 I called the repair center and they had the guy call me. He said he's call me when he was finished with his current appt. to give me a better time frame of when he'd be out.

He never called. I ran some errands, but he had my cell phone number. He never called. I came home and found a message from the repair center saying I needed to call them with a time I'd be home. I called. They said he tried calling me on my home and cell phone. He did not. I have caller ID and an answering machine at home and I had my cell phone on me the entire time I was gone.

So they wanted to reschedule for next week and I said no, I had to have clean clothes for my family next week. They said he'd be out between 1pm and 5pm today and he would call me. He never called. At 4:55pm I called the repair center. They said there was no one available to come out tonight, I have to wait until next week. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the girl would not transfer me - instead she continued to argue with me for 10 minutes. Finally, she said the supervisor was on the phone and I told her I'd hold. I finally was able to speak with a supervisor but it didn't do me any good.

SOOO - now I have to wait until Monday to get my washer fixed. For someone who's supposed to be a PREMIER customer - I sure didn't get the customer service. I have owned Kenmore appliances for many years, however in December when I have to buy a dryer and dishwasher, I will not be going to Sears. You shouldn't either!!

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