I have ended the last of the Sears using hopefuls. They just don't have the money or people to care.

Let the franchise go the way of the five and dime! reuow fo oeio nfo kdlk cd c gr r gww wwefwe wefef sd ggerge fwef f hr hry wqeqeew qewe grergeg wef ef ewg r fio uhijroij asjdna q3ond nlskndl oidoia dijqmansjn. odoid isui sjcnKJSsk.. oidcosd csncansosac. i dcoid dconon aasa. oioiew coion nqoi. Who decided I needed words another example of lack of service! cubIBC OBIWC fw fv dvujiue ubvoiunds ouneofdno eoncojndvo eouoiuen eoodnd dclnovlsdvmq

jnc onvodnvo dsonosdv doivod. THIS doent make me any happier!

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