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Ordered a TV online for in store pick up. Website said the store near me had it in stock.

I paid online and was sent a confirmation # of order. Called the store to see if I could come to pick it up, the guy on the phone said that he has sold that tv several times and that corpate needed to take it off their website. So I waited on a email that said my order had been canceled. Never recieved it!

Remind you I bought the tv online at 6am. Going on 430pm I still had not heard the order was canceled. I made a call to sears customer service and they couldn't find my order. One lady told me I ordered it thru sears outlet and that I would have to take it up with the outlet store, since sears wasn't apart of the sear outlet!

What? Sears outlet sure did take my sears credit card on my last purchase! Plus it gave me the option to pick it up at a regular Mother Sears store! Now 6pm I speak to a nice guy with sears outlet customer service he explains that the order was canceled!

Ok fine it's canceled but I have never recieved a call or email stating that it was canceled!! Plus the money is already out of my account and I don't have my product!! He said the best thing to do is call and ask for the manager of the store. I explained to him this has been.

Attempted several times and no one answers the phone! He then asked me for the store number and he would call as I waited on hold! 15mins later he comes back and says your right no one answers the phone. I got in my car and drove 65 miles to the Sears store....I had bought a 60" LED floor model for $449.

I spoke with floor guy and asked for the manager. After several mins a manager finally appears. I explain what's going on and he said I have had several people buy the tv and that he just canceled another guys order 10 mins before I arrived...ok well why is it still online for sale? That's false advertisement!

He then states well I have the tv in the back but it doesn't come with a remote or a stand!! Well first off the website stated it was floor model piece my be missing! Second off hence the low price of a 60" led being that cheap! He asked if I wanted to look at it...well yes I do, you have already charged my credit card for the purchase!

So they bring out the tv and the tv is in perfect cosmetic condition! I asked them to plug it up so I could see the picture to make sure there was nothing wrong with the screen! The sales person working in the tv department looked at me and said "your on your on with that we can't hook it up for you view" I being a women working as a line tech for a huge cable company sat the tv up and used one of their other tv's input to view this tv! As the manager and works stood there watching me!

The tv was perfect one scratch on the side, no remote, no stand. I said I'll take it! The manager tells me that I have to pay for it again because my order was canceled. I stated that the money was already taken out of my account!

He assured me that it takes 3-5 days for the money to be applied back to my account! Fine I bought it again plus bought two year warranty on the tv. My money has not been refunded and has been cleared thru my bank! So I call and everyone says I have to go back to the store to let them refund the money!!

Remind you the store that had this tv is 65 miles away from house! So 130 miles plus gas....why can't they just do this over the phone. All of my appliances comes from sears ready to load my trailer down with all sears stuff and hit every store in Houston with a sign stating don't buy from sears! $500 might not be alot but I'm on a budget and that is my mortgage payment which is gonna be late do to sears being lazy and not caring about their customers!

Kudos to the manager at the sears store on N shepherd Houston tx! He made the deal right but after much gripping and complaining! Now refund my money from the first purchase!

I really think the guy were holding the tv to purchase them selves! Sears is on my *** list...looks like I'll be dealing with best buy from now on!

Monetary Loss: $487.

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