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My Kenmore Elite refrigerator was installed on August 15, 2016 when my house was completed. On 06/19/2019 repair personnel arrived to examine the refrigerator that was not cooling.

A new compressor was ordered. On 06/24/19 a compressor was delivered to my house. On 06/27/19 repair personnel arrived to installed the compressor and found it was broken. All Sears lines were down so we were told to order the part which we did three days later when the lines were up.

No part arrived. Sears repair came out to see what the problem was again and reordered the part. It was installed on 07/22/19. I spent over four hours on the phone trying to get service and was transferred several times.

It took 34 days for my refrigerator to be fixed.

On 11/06/19 I noticed the temperators in the fridge were 42 degrees and the bottom freezer at 22 degrees. These are set at 34 and 0 degrees. There is repair personnel coming in the morning to see what the problem is which I suspect is the compressor again and which will cost me another $400.00 to have installed and pay for the service call. Plus, the inconvenience of having no refrigerator and potentially spoiled food.

I am on a fixed income and this is not something I budgeted for especially for it to happen twice. I am beyond livid regarding this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kenmore Refrigerator.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: I do not think I should be charged for any of this repair..

Sears Pros: Good jd powers rating on refrigerator.

Sears Cons: Poor quality of refrigertor compressor, Extreme delay in problem being solved, Too many phone call transfers and time spent on phone.

  • Bad Refrigerator Compressor
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Do yourself a favor and cut you losses. Sears appliances are junk made by lg it will take moths to have repaired again and will break in the future.

Buy a whirlpool they are american made. Kenmore was always made by whirlpool and were great now the use lg junk products


Thanks for your input and I completely agree with you. I am saving to purchase either a Whirlpool or Samsung refrigerator as they are not made with LG compressors.