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I've read some of the complaints posted here about Sears ... they read like novels because the ridiculously low quality of their products and their UNBELIEVABLY horrible customer service is endless.

My experience with Sears was a nightmare. I won't recount my entire saga here, mainly because I'm too *** tired after spending hours on the phone with their inept "customer service," writing multiple letters to their National Customer Service Center (they didn't respond to any of my letters) and trying to reach them through

All you need to know is that their products are junk, and if you try to get anything repaired or remedied through them -- be prepared to enter the Twilight Zone. You'll get bounced around from department-to-department, and whenever they give you a number for a department to call -- it won't be the department they told you it was.

The Customer Service reps are beyond ***. I said to one woman, "Can you please try to put yourself in my shoes? How would you feel if you took your vacuum in for repair, came back a week later to pick it up because they told you it would be repaired in a week, when you got there they said unapologetically, 'It's not ready yet,' and no one bothered to contact you to tell you not to come in because it wasn't ready?" You know what the customer service rep said to me? She goes, "I cannot relate to your situation because I do not own a vacuum cleaner. I have hardwood floors." I. Kid. You. Not. I cannot make that sh*t up.

My last ditch attempt at getting some type of resolution was sending a certified letter to the CEO. But I honestly don't expect to hear anything back, because it's clear from all the complaints posted online about Sears that they are renowned for poor customer service and clearly don't care. So save yourself the frustration that all the other posters here have had to endure. Don't buy anything from Sears. SHOP ELSEWHERE.

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How about you put yourself in that womans shoes, or any other sears employee for that matter? Day in and day out they must deal with little whiners like yourself that give them a huge headache during the day.

How would you feel if you got paid minimum wage to do nothing but deal with mostly ignorant people all day? You wouldn't like that now would you?

With that said... shut up!

Swannanoa, North Carolina, United States #6620

only someone like you would take the time to commit bits to the ether. i must ask why?

how were you wronged poor child? pray, do tell.

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