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Couple months my Toyota's suspension system failed me and I was left stranded on the side of the road. Sears Auto Center repaired it quickly, and gave me a 6 month warranty.

Today, 2 months into the supposed warranty, my suspension system failed again.

A representative there claimed that it was the company that provides the parts' fault, and said that "the best we can do is to fix your suspension system", and pushed everything else to Sears' insurance company. To me that was very unprofessional and if you don't want to be the catalyst of a traffic jam because your suspension system failed, don't fix your car at Sears

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I recommended to people not taking their 'hunk of junk' bucket *** cars to Sears or anywhere else for the matter for repairs.

If ya actually spent the time to take care of your car your suspension system would have not failed, really how much blame can you put on someone else for self negligence? Maintenance is vital for a vehicle, don't change the oil, the engine will seize. Drive like an *** your sh*t will fall apart.

You say your suspension failed, being a suspension system on a vehicle has numerous moving parts what did they replace/repair? Struts? Tierods? Bushings? You probably don't even know!!!

So they offered to repair a defective part they replaced/fixed for free! What else do you want? A new car!?!?!

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