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I recently purchased a stove vent hood online at Sears.com with my Sears Credit Card. The hood came and I realized it was the wrong size.

I brought it to a Sears store thinking I could return it. They said it was from a third party and I would have to contact the third party for a refund. They gave me no name for the third party. I contacted customer service and they gave me a number to call.

I have to ship it back to an address, with no company name. I have no idea if I will get a refund, or how they will refund my money.

They say they are charging a restocking fee, too. I will never shop at Sears and I am not using my sears card again.

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Sears lies and lies. It is no wonder that Sears is gong out.

The old way of doing business that got Sears on the top is no longer the policy of Sears.

Sears was bought by the little K-Mart *** company and now Sears is acting like K-Mart. I will have nothing whatever to do with Sears.