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So....I bought a brand new Frigidaire upright freezer from Sears on 29 May 2017. We also got the highly touted "Sears Protection Agreement" which the salesman bragged about how it included food loss should anything go wrong.

I felt confident. We hooked it up and turned it on and it was running fine...when the temp got to 0 degrees, I filled that freezer....with meat and seafood and baked goods that I make and sell. On June 26, I opened the freezer to get something out for dinner....and the inside of the freezer looked like a murder had taken place.....the bag of ice was water, the meat & seafood defrosted....and I cried. The temp inside was 55 degrees.

I called Sears immediately.....and was told that a repairman could not come until JULY 3rd!!! WHAT? "Oh, we have it as a "emergency" but if they can get there sooner, they will call. No call of course.

Repairman shows up on 3 July....seems the fan stopped running, it was put in there crooked to begin with. He leaves, gives me the repair number required to put in for my "food loss" but had to wait until 5 July. I began my claim yesterday....I did NOT gouge prices and didn't even claim some of it b/c I couldn't remember what I had paid....so I get to "calculate loss". My price came to almost $400....and in BIG RED LETTERS it says, "you can't claim over $300".

I am BESIDE myself. First, I would have THOUGHT that a name like Frigidaire that has been around forever would have better quality control of their product...and then Sears would stand behind what they sell. No one mentioned that there was a $300 limit to the food loss of their "Master Plan".....I am disgusted with both of these companies. I am now afraid to put meat back into this freezer.

And as for Sears? LAST time I purchase ANYTHING from them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $460.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Cons: Misleading representation by sears, Very dissaponted.

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I bought another Sears Kenmore Refrigerator in 2016. Under my one year warrantie, the plastic enclosure came apart.

They came and fixed it under warrantie. Then i noticed water under my refrigerator. I dismissed it and just cleaned it up. Today, where the vegetable bins are, was water building up in the depressed bins and over flowing on my floor!

I called customer service and since I didn't have a warrentie, they said they couldn'tl unless I pay!

I had my other Sears Kenmore for 35 years until it started leaking water. SO, I thought I would buy another Sears Kenmore refrigerator. Never again!

I wish I bought an LG. I doubt my new refrigerator will lat a total of 5 years. I am so disappointed in Sears, telling me I should of bought warrentie.

I never had one on my 35 year old fridge.

My advice is to NEVER buy a Sears product.


Even if you bought a sears protection agreement, Sears won’t honor it. I’ve been waiting four months to get my washer fixed that the sears technician broke and sears refuses to replace it.

They’ve got all kinds of excuses and I’ve been with them for years and have the protection agreement. So don’t feel bad you didn’t buy one. They gave the worst customer service in the world! They don’t care about their customers or their customers time.

They think we have nothing else to do but wait for appointment after appointment while they do nothing. Their technicians do nothing but lie to you. Just look at all these complaints. Sears has no self respect and what goes around comes around.

What happened to you Sears.

You use to be a great company and cared about the people who kept you in business. Now all you do is lie to people, waste their time and don’t honor your protection agreements!