I've been a Sears hard lines sales associate for about three months now and I gotta say its not that great. About the time I got out of highschool and needed to start looking for a job is when it became nigh on impossible to actually get one. After nearly three years of applying all over town Sears was the only company to actually call me back and offer me a position.

Anyway, there are quite a few reasons you should avoid working here and I'll list them below.

1. Commission is not worth it. The amount of effort it takes to get something other than your $6 an hour base pay is pretty ridiculous. Especially when your store is like mine. Meaning there's so little foot traffic I've had 8.5 hour shifts where I've made $9 in commission.

2. Metrics metrics metrics. Its not enough you make your sales per hour, you gotta make your Shop Your Way enrollments (80-85% more on SYW later) And its not enough you make your SYW you gotta get your shopping recaps. And its not enough you get your shopping recaps, you gotta make your credit apps. And its not enough you make your credit apps you gotta sell protection agreements. And its not enough you sell your pa's you have to meet your attachment rate. Plus my store just introduced a delightful new hour long, mandatory meeting each Saturday if your down in any of those. FUN!

3. Shop Your Way. Its confusing and a time sink and you get punished for not having your register at 80% on SYW every day.

4. Scheduling. Sears' week ends on Saturday and starts on Sunday. So be prepared to occasionally work a week straight. And if your store is understaffed (like mine) be prepared to have weird hours. You may find yourself on the floor for a few hours by yourself with no backup. Despite them telling you that part time workers can only work 29 hours a week you'll sometimes get a schedule with upwards of 30 to 38 hours. But no benefits.

5. You might get a cool manager. Or they could be the physical embodiment of that feeling you get when you have an eyelash in your eye. That's just luck of the draw. They will also conflict each other. I've seen guys get in trouble for following the store managers orders and not the hard line manager's. Why? Because *** your understanding of hierarchy!

6. If you work in Lawn and Garden/ hardware, be prepared to tell a lot of people you don't have/can't get the part they need and then have to listen to them *** for twenty minutes about how its pretty much your fault that everything in their life is horrible.

7. Your registers predate the cretaceous and will quit.

All of these things combine to create a pretty terrible work environment. You'll be expected to treat your customers llike idiots and literally take things to the register they never said they wanted and proceed to ring it up unless they stop you. I *** you not. That is a thing I was told to do. Just don't work there. About the only thing they had going at this point was Craftsman (whose quality has dropped markedly) and that's being sold elsewhere now as well.

Upper management will also decide to randomly fire people and will have the letters sent out before they even inform your managers. So there's a fun thing to have over your head while you work.

Have I made my point yet? Or do I need to keep going?

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I was a cashier and I am in the same boat as you. No one was properly trained.

They expected other employees who were not trained well to train the new people. They claim to give hours to people who's SYW numbers and credit apps are up. It's so entirely false. One guy who I work with has -15 credit applications and he works average 25 hours a week.

One girl has like 50 percent average in SWY and gets 20 a week. I have -3 credit cards and 80 SWY average but I get like 10 hours a week. I don't see the logic there. Not only that but everyone talks *** about each other and makes fun of people.

The tool pros do what every they wish. They play air hockey and leave the room area and leave the cashier alone. Please understand this. The cashier knows nothing about tools.

At least at the store I was at. We were not trained anything about tools. We're just thrown into it and left to figure stuff out. You'll call and call for them but they don't care.

I once watched two employees just make out before. Not only all this but it was super boring. You are not allowed to leave 10 feet away from your register. Even when I do leave further away to fold clothes, there are only so many things to do.

The whole register thing sucks. The people who are closing have to deal with the people who opened mistakes. Once I started work and both the registers were like 60.

One of the mangers came by and I had to sign a paper saying that they were low even though I just got to work.


I think someone needs to report these guys to the labor board. What they are doing is ILLEGAL and abusive labor practices.

If they were investigated they just might be closed for good and Lampbert would get fined thousand of dollars.

It's a thought........you are not kinder gardeners you are employees.


You think working for Sears for only 3 months is bad?? Try 7 *** years!!!

Sears is JOKE! :roll


and might I also add....referring back to the cretaceous registers. In the electronics dept.

that I worked in only 1 of 3 registers worked at one time. When we mentioned it to the Ops manager, we were told to get our SYWR numbers up and they would fix it for us. For Heaven's sake!!! It's getting mighty close to Black Friday and from prior experience, Electronics is one of the busiest depts.

on Black Friday! As of 2 weeks ago when I left, they had 2 registers working, but for how long? God only knows!!!

Another reason I left after 7 1/2 yrs.

of working my *** off for the company. During the first 2 years of working for Sears, I was promoted from cashier, to Home Appliance Consultant, then Hardlines Sales Lead. I was pretty "amazing" at my job too, I might add....at least that's what I was told by my manager. But unfortunately, that was one of the stores they decided to close in 2012, so I was transferred to another store in the same city.

I was still in a Lead position, but in the Fine Jewelry Dept. Needless to say, I felt like a fish out of water after being in hardlines for so many years. The hardlines lead position opened up shortly after. I was very verbal about wanting to move to that position, since I was way more familiar with it, but my manager (mind you the same manager that said I was amazing at the other store...yes, she was moved to the same store as I was) put an MCA, with no sales experience whatsoever, in that position.

After a year of being tortured and being forced to stay in the Jewelry dept., my manager finally decided to move me. But unfortunately, the only full time position that was open was Home Electronics Sales Consultant. I agreed to take it temporarily until something else became available. Lo and behold, just mere weeks after I was moved to Electronics (6$/hr base + commission, the Brand Central manager position was available....MY DREAM JOB!

I spoke to my manager about it, but was told I would have to wait for the job to post on the Sears Holdings website to apply for it. I checked the site numerous times a day hoping to see it posted so I could apply for it. It NEVER DID!!! A couple days later, I was informed the Ops manager position was open, so I asked our then Ops manager if he was leaving us too.

He said, "No, just moving to Brand Central manager". Wow! Was I disappointed! I guess he didn't have to apply like I was told I'd have to, because the job didn't post on the site until 3 days after he was moved to the position.

I continued to work in Electronics for another 6 months, barely making enough money to survive. I was offered another job with another company. I gladly took the offer. When I spoke to my manager about it, she was very rude!

She just couldn't understand Why In The World I Wanted To Leave!! Even my district manager tried to get me to stay, but they had nothing to make me want to stay.

So, so long Sears and hello Best Buy! A much better company to work for by far!