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Update by user Feb 07, 2017

My entire issue with Sears involved Sales Dept., Customer Service, Delivery, and Credit Card dept. It had nothing to do with the product.

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2017

My dryer and dishwasher decided to die on the same day, right before I was to coordinate a large event. I called my local store, and was greeted by an off-shore gentleman named Johann.

He was friendly and helped me decide which dryer matched my new washer and which dishwasher would be the right one for my kitchen. I even found a sale on the dishwasher, and was given the promise of $50 off for buying 2 products and 12 months with no interest for using my Sears Card. I was to receive both items in 2 days, which was good because of the event that weekend. I received the call for installation of the dishwasher right away, but the 2 guys delivering and installing my dishwasher were strong-smelling of marijuana.

So they installed and drove off in a truck DUI! I never received a call to get a time on the delivery of the dryer, and the day came and passed. We had wet laundry waiting for a dryer because we thought it would arrive soon. I called the day of the delivery and the person hung up the phone.

I called the next day and spoke to 3 people with different 800 phone numbers that each one led me to call. They said they had it arranged for delivery today (Monday) and would receive a call from Delivery on Sunday night to confirm a time. When I heard NOTHING back from them on Sunday night, I called today to check. Again, I was not in the system for delivery!

After 2 and a half hours on the phone today, they decided to cancel the order so that I could start the process over again and reorder the dryer. I don't know why they couldn't tweak the order to include free delivery rather than canceling and starting over. I had put the purchase of both items on my Sears card for the reward points and for a deal they were running that offered no interest for 12 months. But because of the current balance of a dishwasher and a dryer on the card (that won't drop off for 2-3 weeks), there is no room on my card for another dryer purchase!!!

They suggested that I use another type of card to pay for the dryer again!!! I bought a different dryer at Home Depot and will receive it hopefully when they say I will. And I saved about 50% buying from them!

I am so disappointed with Sears- I spoke with 8 different people, none of whom acted like they genuinely cared about the problem. None of them were onshore nor had very good communication skills Sears is an American Icon, but I am done with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Sears Cons: Fact that they do not care about causing issues in my life.

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