Sears has lost its focus on what is important. All employees have no value to Sears.

There is absolutely no incentive to work there. The Store managers are usually Nerds who have failed at life and are only capable of carrying out the company mandate. They have absolutely no business logic or any sort of communication skills. They love to discuss meaningless nonsense every morning or at any meeting, like a pep rally.

Get with the program, idiots. Take care of the customer, Take care of your employees, and find ways to increase customer flow. Stop talking about useless fad points programs, that only promote online shopping, so you dont have to pay your associates. If you have an opinion as a manager your might as well quit or you will be fired.

This is why sales are down. They are selling the stores out, Buyer beware, they are trying to get everyone to shop online. Sears online is a nightmare. If you decided to buy online good luck.

Orders get messed up and noone will want to help you. Dont expect to buy online and then call the store with your troubles. Sears needs to learn how to do business and set an example.

Sears used to be a name you can trust. Get with the program Sears

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I completely agree. Sears treats their employees so badly that it trickles down to the customers.


Sears/K-mart is circling the toilet bowl.

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