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Update by user Mar 26, 2018

It is now March 2018. We have since canceled the warranty policy with Sears and have been through numerous phone calls with them being on hold for over 30 minutes.

We bought a new refrigerator from Lowe’s as the other one was never repaired after numerous service calls. We canceled the policy in November and last night I got home from work and opened a bill from them for $64. It apparently was copay for a service call back in October! They just never go away!

All of our service calls were for the same issue so there shouldn’t of been an additional charge. I am just happy to be rid of Sears and no wonder they’re going out of business!

Original review posted by user Oct 13, 2017

In October of 2015 our microwave went out and we had Sears service come out repair it. (Just a fuse!) When I made the appointment the representative sold me a repair warranty which she said would cover all the appliances in the home, regardless of their age or make!

It would be just a 60.00 service call charge with each repair appointment. She stated that if the appliance could not be repaired, Sears would replace it with a comparable product. I was amazed and verified it again with her as I could not see how this would be profitable for Sears to offer such a plan. We signed up and have been paying the monthly premium for two years now.

Well --- I now know how they make a profit! We first had an issue with our refrigerator in March of this year (2017) - I called and scheduled a service appointment with Sears under the service plan. The refrigerator was icing up inside and it looked like a winter wonderland when the door opened. The technician cleaned out a drain or something and used a type of heat gun to remove all the ice.

He said that it should solve the issue. It did not and I put up with it for the summer and then called Sears again for a repair appointment as the ice maker had frozen solid. A different technician came out and said the icemaker needed to be replaced. He then used the heat gun and removed all the ice and said he had cleaned out some drain thing and maybe that would resolve the issue.

Another appointment was made at that time to install the new icemaker. Yesterday, the technician came and replaced the icemaker (this was 2 weeks later) - the freezer was still icing up and I showed him the 1/2 inch thick layer of ice that accumulates daily that I remove below the basket in the freezer. He pulled the refrigerator out and fiddled around with the hoses and wires in the back. He then said maybe that will do it.

He told me that I really needed to get a new refrigerator and I asked him, what about the replacement guarantee with the repair plan? He responded that it was not his decision to initiate that (which I was told later by a person in the claims department that it is the technician that submits that recommendation.) A few hours after he had left I was getting ready for work and realized that all my frozen food was thawing and the refrigerator part was not cold either. I was late for work as I had to remove all the food. My refrigerator worked prior to him "repairing" it.

Granted, the freezer wasn't working properly but it was keeping things frozen and I had never had a problem with the refrigerator side. I immediately called the service department and requested that they contact the technician and have him return if possible. I was told that the computer system needed to "refresh" later on in the evening and my account still was showing an open appointment. I was told to call back in the morning.

They said they would send a text to him to have him call me - but I never received a response! I then called the claims department and after holding for 41 minutes someone answered. This gentleman informed me that they could schedule another service appointment for 10/26 which is 2 more weeks! I asked about the replacement guarantee and he said that it needs to be intiated by the technician and then its sent up to the powers that be and they decide what dollar amount they will allow for a new appliance.

He said it is usually a GE make but if I wanted to upgrade I could pay out of pocket and submit my receipt to them and they would decide whether to approve it. Well, I can imagine how that would turn out! This morning I tried several contact numbers at Sears to try and reach someone who cares. I would received a canned response after holding for a long time.

Bottom line is - no one cares at Sears!! They really push the appliance repair plan but they are not there to back it up. I was left with a refrigerator that wasn't working and told it would be two more weeks before someone could be out. I had to open a new claim because the last technician closed the existing claim.

People just get frustrated with the run around and buy a new appliance out of their own pocket! Technically, they are continuing to service your appliance by scheduling appointment after appointment for repair.

I have had them out 3 times and the receipts for parts and labor total over 1600.00. (My part is 60.00 but I still don't have a working refrigerator!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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