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I have gone to Sears a few times for an oil change - no biggie, they seem to do okay, though it takes forever. Today though - I called to see if there would be much of a wait.

Nope come on in, should be fine. Okay! 45 minutes later my car is still sitting, nobody has gone near it, though a few employees are milling around, doing nothing. Okay.

I finally go up to one of them (skinny mean looking punky kid) and say Excuse me, I wonder if you could tell me when my car would be worked on, its been almost 50 minutes and nobody has touched it. "People are busy" he says. I say, kiddingly, "well you dont look busy" He says "I am on my break. Is that okay with you?" "Oh thats okay I say" and turn to leave, I look back and he goes "Okay?

Is that okay with you???". I go into the waiting room, still nobody has touched my car. I am watching Oprah on the TV, when an employee comes in, changes the channel - I said, excuse me I'm watching that. Gives me a look, continues to watch, then walks away without changing the channel back.

Okay, so now Im even more irritated - as I see this kid, who has been there since I got there, go to my car, read the instructions, like 3 times, sloooowly slooowly opens the door, gets in, looks at me, smirks and goes to open the hood. That was it. I went into the service area, said to one of the many standing around - they barely turn their heads - I want to stop the work on my car now. I am leaving.

Nobody says whats wrong, is anything we can do, etc - they back my car out, I am outside waiting; Mr Slow man drives out, gets out of my car, leaves the door open, and walks away. Never again will I go to this place. Rick, Tom and all of them are ridiculous - when I first got there Rick tells me my tires may not make inspection. Im there for an oil change - dont I want to buy tires?

No, oil change. Want the high mileage oil?

NO, just a regular oil change. Glad I left - and will never be back.

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