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Will update this when or if any additional info is received or ON OCT 24th:)to let everyone know what happened BUT by then this complaint will be on page 20 or 30 so no one will see it anyway. People usually only read the first 2 or 3 pages of complaints. SOCIAL MEDIA person, please do not respond to my post with your automated " WE CARE" reply.

Original review posted by user Sep 20, 2013

I can not go into what has happened. It would be 4/5 pages long.

I will just say my sister made her first call for service when her almost $4,000 under warranty from Sears refrig broke on July 23,2013. Today is Sept 23, 2013. She is still living out of a large cooler on her kitchen floor.I had told her not to discuss it with me anymore as I could not bear their lies, promises, etc anymore. Parts are "ON THE WAY" & 2 weeks later are told "PARTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE" (not back ordered) but "UNAVAILABLE.

Same phone call I mentioned a lawyer and was put on hold, came back 3 min later with " PARTS HAD BEEN LOCATED AND ARE SHIPPING OUT TODAY". Never received parts. Sears kept making appts automatically and leaving messages about repair men coming out when the parts are not even there. Had to call and canc.

at least 4 automated appts they made.Parts finally came approx 7 to 8 weeks after first call for service. (that's almost 2 months later!)Parts did not work. "Problem must have been misdiagnosed". A Nightmare.

She just received a phone call on Sept 24th (yesterday) and was told her refrig was going to be " TRADED OUT". Man made an appt for the "Trade Out " for OCT 24th, 2013. She is assuming a " trade out" is probably a used one someone else returned because of problems with it or something like that. He never said a NEW one , only said "Traded Out".

I laughed and told her we had all better plan on having Thanksgiving dinner as well as Christmas dinner at my house. I doubt anyone will be pulling into her driveway on Oct 24th and so does she. She feels sure she will receive a call ( automated) the day before with some other date or just never hear anything again period. So, 1st call was July 23rd and it will be traded out on Oct 24.

That's 3 months everybody and that's only after aggressive calls, complaints, seeing store managers (who by the way have no authority and make any decisions or help you in any way). Are you going to be buying your next fridge, washing machine,etc at Sears? This is my sisters issue I was helping her with. I personally will be purchasing my next refrig or any other appliance for that matter from Craigs List or an ad for sale for a few hundred $'s or less.

Probably be able to find someone someone who is " remodeling and changing up all their appliance to stainless steel.

BTW, SS going out of style according to the news today and Sears possibly going out of business or filing Bankruptcy ( I wonder why?). I feel at least if it does break in 6 month or a yr I will have got my monies worth and would not have to deal with lies, and living out of a cooler for god knows how many months.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

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