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Update by user Dec 04, 2015

Ok, so here is an update. After speaking with the supervisor of their online division I finally received my email yesterday (12/3/15).

I'm sure anyone who shops online knows the email just saying its ready for pickup. I went to the sears around me to grab it, signed in for pickup and waited my turn. I ended up waiting and waiting and waiting, which by this point im starting to get nervous again. About 40-45 min later I am told that the item is NOT IN STOCK!

Seriously!? This is the second time I drove down there, and it was not really there. I was offered one of those $5 coupons for my order taking over the 5 minute guarantee. The store manager there called me over, and said that she would ship it directly to my house.

Although I do appreciate them doing this it is not the point. The point is I now have over 3 hours of driving to sears, which is something like $70 in gas. This cost more than I paid for the auto ratchet itself. I told the manager that it was absolutely ridiculous all while trying not to get mad.

****She did eventually end up giving me some cash back, and is sending the ratchet for free****. The reason I am not marking this as resolved is because I am still angry about getting 2 emails saying my order was ready, and I still blew through a lot of gas and time just for a *** clearance item. After everything I've been through, below is an email I received today (12/4/15).

Thank you for shopping at!

In regard to your order number 960694594, we received your request regarding order status. Our records show that item has already been picked up from the store on 05/01/2014.

If you have not received the item, please contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you,

Sears Member Services

1-800-366-3028 5/1/14? I had ordered the ratchet in November of 2015. It's extremely bad, but at the same time kind of funny.

I know this review is long, but A LOT has happened. I am hoping this will help sway some decisions or make you reconsider shopping at Sears.

Original review posted by user Dec 01, 2015

I ordered the Craftsman C3 ratchet kit from sears on sale. The reason I went to chat was the price in my cart changed from the prior day.

I asked if they would honor the day before's price, and they said they would not (of course). Either way I had points and all that to use so I ordered it anyway online. This person told me it was available TODAY (day I ordered it), and can be picked up once I received the email. I got my email, and drove an hour to pick up the kit.

The store then tells me the locking wrench is in stock, but the auto wrench is NOT! Since I wasted my time going there I contacted chat again. I had ordered the wrench because I needed it THAT DAY. My truck broke down, and I needed to get to a difficult part to fix it.

The auto wrench would have done this. The chat person told me there was nothing that could be done at all, and I will DEFINITELY get it on 12/1. So yet again I get incorrect info because surprisingly it is NOT here on 12/1. I am in customer service, and have always been held accountable for what I say to someone.

If we make a mistake then we own up to it and correct it! I decided to call today instead of chatting again, and this time I was told they would put an inquiry in to see when it will be available. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and after telling her the issues with people telling me incorrect information all I got was sorry. The supervisor said that they CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR ME!

Wow, Sears can do absolutely nothing for me? They will not give me the item for a discount or free. They will not give me any store credit. They will not swap it out for another auto ratchet so I can get it today.

NOTHING! I have bought plenty from Sears, but tend to always have some issue. Nothing that kept me from going back though. THIS IS IT!!!!

Im done dealing with this *** company. How can a company like this not be willing to do a single thing for me? They are losing my business (thousands already spent), and every person (friends or family) over a $35 dollar ratchet kit. Good move Sears.

A very prudent move on your part. Bravo!

I know that one person like me may not sway your decision to purchase from Sears, but hopefully it will help somebody.

I have never once asked to speak to a manager or write a bad review online. I do not like doing something like this because mistakes just happen

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow I totally agree SEARS SUCKS!