Rancho Cordova, California
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On the 29th of February i called SEARS to have my Dryer repaired. When the Rep answered i was asked what was the code on the Dryer display was, i told them that it states F-01.

I was then asked if i wanted the $39 a month for a year or the $199.99 one charge, I opted for the $199.99. On the 3rd of march the Sears repair man came and looked at the Dryer (WHIRLPOOL), then he told me that he didn't have that part in his truck, and it would take TWO weeks before he could repair it.

I was upset that when i was first asked on the 29th when i gave SEARS the code that they didn't order the part and have the person do the job then. On top of it all i had to speak with a person from the Philippines and another from Columbia.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Reason of review: I will no longer use SEARS for any repair's again!.

Sears Cons: Service of repair.

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Its Colombia....