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on my birthday January 10,2013 sears sent a contractor to my home suppose to be there by 10:15 got there at 4:00pm looking like he had just finish doing drugs his moth look like he had been eatting flour.I called and complained and a new contractor was sent to me that Saturday January 12,2013 sears was to start their project siding a a new down spout. well the siding I loved till I look out the window and saw that the contractor that did the siding had nail stuck in the trim of the siding at the top of the roof the nail were exposed and it looked a mess also my roof had a silver coating on it with and by the time they finish doing what they had to do to correct the job the roof was cracked up very bad also, the new down spout had water pouring down that side of the wall like a water fall.

When I called the project managerDG and explained to him what was going on he called the contrator back and the removed the nail but never sealed the side down with anything they just left it exposed to the rain or what ever.I than called project manager back and explained to him that something needed to be done about my roof and the down spot because it still was not fixed right. he sent one of his so called inspectors to check out my complaint and the person antiono or what ever his name was told me that they were suppose to put roofing glue along the edges out the roof to seal the siding because he to could see that water could get up under there and cause a problem then he said far as the down spout it had a hole in it that needed to be sealed thats why the water was coming down the wall like that so,he socalled repaired the problems by putting a lawyer of the silver coating on my roof which is cracked back again and I still have the water running down my wall we the gutter and water dripping from the down spout don't get me wrong I like the way the sidding looks just was not very proffessional I give it a 8. far as my down spout rating 0 till this day Febuary 11, 2012 I still have water pouring down my wall call and left a message on the project manager phone at 8 am this morning Mannie Gonzales he has yet to call me and its 1:24 Ireally did'nt expect to here from him he appears to be oozing with being full of dog do you know what I mean he should"nt have a *** job because he does not follow through I need and want the problem fix.

oh and heres the other thing when the job was done the were to contact license and inspection well the did'nt but I did and hopefelly they can make them come out and correct the mess. not pleased 100%.

Anita jones 215 7607447

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Sears Response


I saw your post here and wanted to offer some assistance. We do apologize for the troubles you have encountered with our home improvement service.

My name is Liz and I am with the Sears Social Media Support team. I can see how frustrating it is to receive poor customer while trying to rectify this issue. If you would allow us the opportunity, we would very much like to connect you with a dedicated case manager to further discuss options and see what can be done to make things right.

. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (brazil1923), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com – Thanks, Liz Social Media Moderator, Sears Social Media Support

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