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I bought a rather huge Craftsman tool chest for my husband , spending close to $2000, but when the men delivered they would not help set it up. It is quite heavy over a thousand pounds and there is no way two seniors could handle this.

What did Sears expect us to do with it still in the box set in our garage - how poor customer service has become and why didn't the sales person tell us this to begin with.

Now you have spoiled a birthday/father's day surprise - shame on you Sears. I have dealt with you since 1972 and being a long time customer I sure did expect better service than this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Same thing for us


Are you kidding? Did you ask if the delivery men were going to set up your husband's toolbox?

It cost MONEY to spend 2 hours assembling a toolbox.

Sears had the worst customers. I worked for Sears 5 years.

to Ann Marshall #1502323

Dear Ann,Thank you for your reply post. As a Sears employee, whether past/present, you also understand and in turn, you may also have insider knowledge of this type of delivery transaction and the responsibility of how the matter should be conducted.

The nature of presumptuous when making a large item purchase involves cooperation and communication on both ends; As either the former or latter Sears employee, can you give feedback that could potentially be an asset and a solution to the reviewer? What should be done, in your opinion and experiences as a Sears employee or former one could obtain a sufficient and desired outcome for the reviewer and those who have related experiences?Although my understanding is limited and contusive to the exact nature of each scenario and situation, as each of us may be novices and amateurs, what solutions and suggested actions can you grant us in dealing with situations like this?

Thank you for your time and consideration in my response.Et Tube Brutae (J.J. Freeman)

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