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I purchased an elliptical machine from Sears online. It was delivered and my husband assembled it.

It worked fine for three weeks but then begin squealing horribly. I called Sears and they set up a repair appointment as it was only 3 weeks old. I take a day off work and wait. Repairman shows up and says the bearings have gone out already.

Then he proceeds to tell me he can't fix it. When I ask why he says because Sear's took this model out of the system. I show him my receipt and he says sorry can't fix it as it is no longer in the system and leaves. I am livid!

I call the Philippian Sear's call center. They said I can return it and someone will pick it up. They then tell me to pack it in the box for pickup. I explain I received it three weeks ago and threw the giant box away.

Oh sorry we can't pick it up. I say I will take it back to the Sears store. Nope! You bought it online so you cannot take it to the store.

What! Every store I have ever ordered from online you can return merchandise to the store. Well except Sears. No customer service.

So I say to the representative, I bought a $900 machine, it worked for only three weeks and because Sears took it out of the computer system I can't have it fixed and because I threw away the box I can't return it. She says that is right you are stuck with it. Wrong answer! I had to file a BBB complaint to be able to return it to the store.


Will never ever give them any business ever again. I can see why they are failing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Elliptical.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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