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All the negative things i'm hearing here is completely correct. I work for sears part time in sales and have been since I was an undergrad student.

Now being in grad school and having another job, I continue to work there part time for extra cash, but at this point i'm so done with sears. I feel constantly harassed all the time about meeting certain metrics, which is so difficult when the department I work in is a *** ghost town most of the time, using ipads when they don't even function half the time, and the management I hate to say are completely ***, and not professional at all. I don't appreciate how condescending they are, like seriously your talking to someone with two college degrees and soon to have a masters degree, and just because i'm young doesn't give you the right to talk to me like i'm ***, i'm far from it! I don't need this ***.

I don't like their politics and their rude and bitter for whatever reason.

I love my co workers which makes working there somewhat tolerable, but i'm ready to part ways with sears at this point, I don't need all this nonsense and added stress in my life, I made the decision to give my two week notice within the next few weeks, can't deal anymore, and the turn over rate is crazy right now, but I see why. I feel that sears is going to be the next company we here about going bankrupt, and closing, its really sad because they are iconic in the retail market but with the way its being managed at this point I don't see them flourishing.

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