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I purchased an elliptical from Sears at the beginning of the year with one year warranty.

On September 10th 2011 the left arm pedal broke.

Sears sent a service representative to my house on September 11th to make sure all was covered under warranty, which it was.

The week of October 17th parts were received and a service representative was sent to my house to fix the elliptical.

They broke the repair pieces and had to order it again.

The repair pieces came in the week of November 14th.

The same repair person came to my house and this time had to leave because they said they needed to go to the workshop

for a special tool to put a bearing into the left pedal arm. They should have thought of that before they came.

He schedule another repair person to come on Saturday the 19th to finish the job.

On November 19th the new service repair person said that they could not locate the pieces because the original service person did not advise him of its location.

On Monday I contacted sears and they schedule another repair person to come on November 24th between 8am-noon.

I got a call on Wednesday the 23rd at night to confirm that appointment.

But, on the 24th they did not show up.

So I spoke Jay from Toronto in the service department who said would look into the problem.

He said he would call me back today, the 25th in the morning. I did not hear back from him.

So I called the service department again and now spoke to Merv from Bellville. He said Jay would contact

me back within the hour. I had not heard back from Jay so I called the service department again.

This time I spoke to John from Bellville.

John called up the dispatcher who told him that more pieces had to be ordered because the wrong pieces were ordered.

Johh told me that nothing else could be done except wait.

1. The reasonable amount of time to repair my product of 6-8 weeks has long passed.

2. I have waited at home 5 times already (losing pay).

3. I waited at home for no reason twice because twice service did not show up.

I am quite dissatisfied with Sears service.

I would really like it if someone from sears can take responsibility to rectify this situation, otherwise I will not be able to choose Sears again in the future.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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