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Less than a year ago I purchased an extended warranty for a Kenmore dish washer from Sears.Recently my dishwasher stopped working again.

Resetting didn't work, "resume/start light won't go off. I called Sears and was told the next available appoint was Sept 18, 2013, over a week away. I am sure the control panel needs replaced, but the phone person rep wouldn't take my model number so that a&E tech could bring a new panel out for the appointment. Not only will I have to wait over a week for tech to come, but I am reasonably sure there will be another wait for ordering new panel and then tech coming out again to install.

The result being I will have to wait at least week, more likely 2 weeks for part to be ordered and then installed. Sears should not sell these warranties, if they can not be honored in a reasonable amount of time.

Warranties are only as good as the service they are suppose to provide.


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You will probably have to wait two or three months to be realistic if it gets fixed at all.

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