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We brought a Sterns and Foster Luxury Estate bed from Sears in January 2016, thinking we were making a good purchase. However, this was not the case. After two months, my husband felt he was rolling out of bed. We found the boxspring was damaged. We jumped through numerous hoops trying to get our damaged boxspring either replaced or repaired with no luck. Sears Customer Solutions department would not accept that the boxspring is damaged and their “solution” was to deny our claim and not do anything more.

I have written down what we have been through, only to get nowhere. I’m bored just reading through it, but if it helps anybody make an informed decision, then it is worth it.

January 7th 2016 - Receive delivery of our Stearns and Foster Luxury Estate bed (Expensive)

March 17th - Phone help line and explain that my husband felt as though he was rolling out of bed. Found that the boxspring side, from the headboard to the foot board had bent in the middle. Was told we didn’t have to measure the mattress, as it was the box spring. Was told to just send in photos of the damaged boxspring, the base that it is on and our case number.

March 17th - Received email from Sears member Services and sent photos back, as we were asked to do.

March 19th - Received email from Sears Customer Solutions stating claim denied as it was a material concern and fabric not covered.

March 19th - I wrote back stating how angry I was because it is not a material concern and that I had explained previously on the telephone that the material was crinkled because the boxspring is actually damaged.

March 19th - Received email from Sears Customer Solutions stating that we need to contact the mattress department on 1-800-479-6351 Option # 3 for further assistance.

March 20th - I wrote back that if they do not do boxsprings nor mattresses what do they do?

March 20th - Received email from Sears Customer Solutions stating I should call 1-800-479-6351 Option # 3 for further assistance, as they are a dedicated boxspring and mattress service and would be able to assist me.

March 21st - I contact the 1-800-479-6351 Option # 3 and spoke to a lady. I am asked if I want to register a claim!!! I’m back to square one. I explain I already have a claim. The assistant looks at my file and asks that I send photos of the LAW tag and the other tags on both the mattress and boxspring, as proof that I have purchased the bed from them. I explain that as I have to pull the bed apart to photograph the above, will we get the boxspring either replaced to repaired. I was told we would. I send eight photos of the boxspring and mattress tags.

March 21st - Received email from Sears Home Services -Solutions stating they could not open the attachments due to the size. Stated I could re-size the attachment by compressing the file to less than 100kb.

March 21st - Sent two emails with four photos in each. My logic was that as they were able to open the original claim and view the four photos and then deny my claim, they would be able to view them this time.


March 21st - Received email from Sears Home Services -Solutions stating that they still could not open the attachments and that I could fax the document to 1-800-326-0485. It was suggested I call 30 minutes later to make sure they received the fax.

March 21st - I faxed the photos and case number and telephoned 30 minutes later. I spoke to another lady who stated that she had seen the LAW tag and other tags from the boxspring and mattress and she was still not going to do anything about the faulty boxspring. I asked to speak to a manager and was told she was a manager. I asked for the address of the department manager and then the area manager and she would not give them to me. It felt to me that she had a very small amount of power and was using it to stop me trying to get this very expensive bed repaired.

Friday 8th April - I calmed down enough to contact Stearns and Foster directly to be told that I could try sending them photos, although they do not usually overrule what the store has decided.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stearns And Foster Luxury Estate Bed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Sears Cons: Sears customer solutions department, Callous customer service reps attitudes repeatedly.

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