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After having our oven glass door on a Kenmore Elite Induction Range explode twice in a year, we asked for a replacement stove. only to be told that we have to pay a $550 upcharge because we bought the stove on sale.

I don't care what I paid for the stove, I just want it replaced with the same model as I bought. If they sold it to me for one price, they can replace it for the same price. That is only logical as far as I am concerned.Having dealt with customer service for a week we asked who can make a decision and they told us to email the Vice President of Sears Canada. Then the calls started coming again from the customer service people, with no change in attitude. Basically saying pay the money or nothing will be done. Below is a copy of the email sent to Sears Canada Vice President. It probably never crossed his desk and was passed to one of his cronies. What a way to run a business. By the time Target moves into their territory it will be time for them to close their doors and go packing. Not soon enough as far as I am concerned.I hope someone out there at Sears is reading this stuff. Pissed......

Sears Canada

Attention Vice President,

After talking to Sears service department this morning after the glass door exploded on our $3000 Kenmore Elite stove this morning, for the second time in a year.

Within 1 day of a year to be exact. The service department wants to send out a tech to replace the glass in the door again.

We find this highly unacceptable at this point. Attached are photos from the July 2011 and July 2012 incident.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that there must be either a design flaw or a fault with this particular door.

Last year the wife could not use her stove for 17 days while waiting for the glass to be replaced.

This incident scared the heck out of her again, and I do not blame her. Once I can understand, but twice I do not.

The first time it happened, the wife was preheating the oven and it only got to 250 degrees Fahrenheit when the glass blew out.

The second time,(this morning) the glass blew out without the stove even being on.

Attached are dated photos of both incidents for your review. You might be shocked to see the mess and how this could cause injury.

I bought this as a anniversary present for my wife and I am beginning to regret it, as she is afraid to use it anymore.

It was lucky that our niece was not here, at her height there could have been serious injury when the glass exploded.

I would very much like to hear your thoughts regarding this situation. I don't think replacing the glass again is an option.

Personally, the wife would like to have the stove replaced. We purchased the extended warranty on this product, but did not expect this.

We have purchased all our appliances from Sears over the years, but have not run across anything like this.


Monetary Loss: $2899.

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After threatening legal action, Sears finally agreed to replace the stove. Free of charge.

Boy, what a hassle. That will be the last thing we purchase from Sears.


That will be my next option. I do not understand why they don't just replace the unit with the exact same model we have and be done with it.

They keep having Customer Service call us and won't let us talk to someone in charge.

Getting Frustrated..... :upset


Sounds dangerous, a good lawyer should be able to get you emotional damage, pain and suffering, cleanup charges, etc... Product liability issues, consumer fraud, recall, you should get a product liability lawyer and take them to the cleaners.

Just sayin'

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