Sacramento, California

I bought a lawnmower last june. It was discounted previously used and returned.

I was assured that it would have a full new product warranty. I also bought a 3 year extended warranty and was assured this would cover all repairs. It did not work right when I used it, but had no way of returning. I put it away for winter and spring.

I just got it out of the shed and now it doesn't work at all. I finally found someone to help me take it to repair service. Repair service says it has a bent crankshaft ( $150 to repair) and that is not cover under the warranty. I say it was damaged by the person who had it first.

They deny this. I have a very small yard with nothing that could do that kind of damage. We have always bought Sears appliance and gardening tools.

After this I will not buy anything else from Sear's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I am having the same issue right now. What is the point of PAYING for this extended warranty if they refuse to take care of issues when they happen?

My lawnmower cost me $150 and they want $150 for the repairs.

I think I'll just buy a new mower... but this time without the warranty plan!


One of the many problems with Sears extended warranties or the Protection/Repair agreements is that the EMPLOYEES do NOT understand them or ABUSE them themselves-including managers.

Many managers ASSume that these agreements will cover any existing problems-they do NOT.Any clearance items are supposed to be checked out by their own repair techs BEFORE reselling it.

If you want to pursue this I would demand to see the repair history on that item.The model number and serial should be on record somewhere.

Repair agreements do NOT cover abuse or commercial use both of which powered lawn equipment are subject to.

And again the Repair Agreement does NOT cover what Sears Techs were SUPPOSED to do BEFORE it was resold.


"It did not work right when I used it, but had no way of returning."

Ok, so since you did not trouble yourself to have it returned or taken to repair when you found the problem, it's Sears' fault? If I'm the repair guy and you bring a machine with a bent crank to me, I am assuming you hit something. Taking it to them months later makes you look even MORE at fault.