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Today, Jan.21, 2019, I called to schedule an annual maintenance on my oven and cook top which was installed on Jan. 18, 2016.

I was told that my cook top was out of warranty as of the installation date. My last maintenance was scheduled for Jan. 22, 2018, but they did not come and I had to reschedule the appointment. It was rescheduled for Jan.

23. My mistake was I thought I had a year from the last maintenance, but I obviously was incorrect. I was out of town for over a week and did not return until Jan. 18.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was connected to several different people who told me the same thing that I would not be able to speak to anyone. OK. That is probably my number 1 complaint. Now, if I cannot speak to anyone, I would like to make some suggestions.

I have had contracts with many companies who will remind me that it is time for a service call. They might send me a letter, email me, or give me a call. Sears does none of the above. They have my money, but I have not received the service I paid for.

Perhaps this would be something you would consider doing. Again, I realize that I should have called sooner, but it would be a nice policy if customers could be reminded that an appointment needed to be scheduled. When I received my first annual maintenance in Jan. 2017, the technician told me that I should have been given the option of purchasing a 5 year maintenance contract on my cook top.

When I purchased it, I was told a 3 year contract was all that was offered due to breakage of the cook top. The technician said that because my cook top was metal and not glass, breakage was not a concern. I do not know who was giving me the right information, but everyone should be on the right page when telling the customer what is or is not available. I have purchased all of my appliances from Sears and have been satisfied until now.

If I sound like a dissatisfied customer, that is because I am. I would love to have my faith restored in Sears. I also feel that a supervisor should be available for any concerns a customer may have. I do not know who will be reading my email, but I hope that I can get some satisfaction in addressing these concerns.

You can respond to my complaints/suggestions by email or by calling me at 901-761-0890. Thank you and have a nice day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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Sears never do anything right. Shameful company. AVOID!!!!