Greenwood Village, Colorado
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1/6/19 at the Westland Center Sears (the store is permanently closing). I visited the store on several occasions during the closing period.

On two of these times I had to return to the store to have the security tags removed from the clothing. The first time it was no big deal the cashier removed it. The second time was the last night for the store. I knew the store closed at 6 (normally) so I arrived shortly after 5 there was a sign on the door that said the store was closing at 5 however the doors were still open.

As I went to enter the store the door was pushed closed on me. I told the woman and man that I only wanted the tag removed. The woman was extremely rude and told me she the store was closed and she couldn't do it. I asked her how I was supposed to remove it.

She then asked me for my receipt, I told her that I rushed to get there so I didn't bring it. She then told me that she wasn't going to do anything for me without a receipt. I told her the tag clearly said it was from Sears. The man yelled at me and said no receipt no service and we are closed.

They locked the door and walked away. Now I have a blazer I cannot wear because of the tag attached.

I understand that the store was closing and people were losing jobs but that is no reason to be so RUDE. It would have taken 2 mins of her time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Sears Cons: Rudeness of the manager.

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