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I ordered a patio bar set online and when I received my delivery receipt, it indicated that set-up and put in place was included with my order. However, when the item was delivered, they left the boxes on my floor.

When I called Sears and inquired about the set-up and put in place terminology on my delivery confirmation, I was told that it should have been set up so the representative scheduled a set up 3 days later. When the crew arrived, they told me that they could not set the item up. I talked to customer service again and was told that they would reschedule the set-up which they did for a few days later. When I called to check on the status of the set-up, I was told that it was scheduled and that I should receive a call with the two-hour window by 9pm.

I did not receive a call so I drove to the closest Sears the following morning and was told that they would file a customer complaint for me which they did. I was supposed to receive a response before 9pm that evening, which I never received. I made another call today to find out the status of the set-up which was then escalated to a Manager. I just got off the phone with the Manager and was offered $150.00 toward the $300.00 set-up fee.

Well, as much as I was looking forward to having this set on my deck, I told the Manager that's not acceptable given the fact that three Sears representatives told me that my item would be set-up and that they scheduled it three times but to no avail. It's about the principal and about owning up to your word and commitments which Sears did not do.

Therefore, I advised them to refund my money and make arrangements to pick the item up. I'll find something even better from a company that appreciates my business.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $1500. thoefling is overall dissatisfied with Sears and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I purchased a mattress with Sears with Customer Service who cant take the delivery address and the credit card address over the phone. I end up to cancelled the order because they make a mistake ,Sears advised me that transaction for refund will take 2 weeks.

I used a different credit card and purchased a second mattress with customer service, she took my coupon and applied towards my purchase and then she reversed agents thee delivery charges. The mattress is $1800.00 and its free if the purchase is over $399.00, so I called Customer Service in Philippine because no one here is available. I called 5 times and they hang up on me ,they stated that I need to learn how to count and read and they don't speak English well, I ask for supervisor ,I was waiting 4,5 hours between hung ups and finally when I get a supervisor he started with complements, I stop him and then he stated that that my coupon cant be used, because I have to much discounts. and rep did correctly she charged me back.

He stated that I was discriminated him and he stated that Sears must charge me for full delivery and refuses to correct the bill. I advised him that I will get in touch with Corporate office ,because the advertisement didn't say I cant use extra coupon and the delivery is free. He belittle me on the phone His name is Abil and his ID # 45536712. If this person was in the US he will never have this job.

I cant believe that American people have no job here and this abuse came from oversees who has supervisory position with Sears oversees.I will stop this order by I am moving and I need a mattress to sleep on. I hope the delivery will be better transaction.Very bad experience, wrong .Never again buy from Sears.

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