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So last year,before the Patriots were going to face the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl. I decided to go to Sears to purchase a Patriots hat.I saw an employee on his phone looking like if he was texting.So I got the hat and I went up to the counter and the employee went up to me so I can purchase the hat and the employee said something about Sears Rewards.So I asked to see the manager of the place.It took the female manager 5-10 mins.

to come.The manager was asking for my phone number for a million times it seemed like.My father was furious at the guy about something to the point where he said "YOU WANT TO FIGHT".The male employee almost reacted to that, but the manager said "don't think about it" to the male employee. Sears claims on their commercials that they received a reward for highest customer satisfactory,but i think its a load of bs.Sears should train their employees to not be on their cell phones and to not argue with customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Manager.

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Okay, I still don't see your problem. You're mad because they mentioned the sears rewards program, or that your father was threatening an employee?

What I see here is someone who has no rhyme or reason to complain but you should be thanking the manager for not calling the police on the likes of YOU! This is not a complaint, but more like whining.


Most retail shops ask about a 'rewards program' of some type.

You don't really state what the emplyee did that prompted you to ask for the manager! Was it because he was txting?

Because he mumbled to you? He had a bad attitude?

If YOU can't be more articulate about the issue here, was the emplyee able to understand what you wanted there? In any event, it was enough for your father to start a brawl!!!

No doubt the asking for your phone number is irritating.

I get this all the time at the local BestB%%% stores!

Always iritated me (I've since stopped shopping there). Once, I simply said "No". they were like deer in headlights! They had no idea what to do next.

I told them I have cash and theres no need for a phone number. They insisted telling me that they can send me specials. I told them if they want my puchase here's the cash. If not, I'll be on my way.

They took my cash acting like I was an ***! lol.


Ok. this web site censored the word i d i o t!


apparently, it's an awfull word worthy of censorship!

This is sad. I'm on PissedComsumers, complaining about PissedComsumers!!!


I'll try again to see if it happeds again.... They took my cash acting like I was an ***!


You need anger management. You get mad over someone asking for your number?

That's part of their job. Grow up.

They still took your cash didn't they? Now who's the fool?


Dude! It was SkillPuppy, not me, who made the complaint.

I was just responding to it. Please post your reply to skullpuppy.


Sorry, Mike_mn. You're right. I did post it to the wrong guy!

Sears Response

Hello Skullpuppy,

My name is Tony and I’m part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. We appreciate your post telling us about your recent in store experience.

The disappointment that you must feel with the way that you were talked to while you were trying to make your purchase. Recognizing the importance of this issue, we would like to speak with you and gather the appropriate information so that we are able to make the necessary improvements. At your convenience please contact our office via email at smadvisor@searshc.com so we can get this resolved for you. In the email please provide a contact number and the phone number the (hat) was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly.

In addition, please include your Screen name (Skullpuppy) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.

Thank you,


Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support


your complaint doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

while I agree they should not be on their personal phones while working how do you know it wasn't a work phone?

besides that you say that he came up to you once you approached the counter to pay and asked you about the sears rewards card but then you asked to speak to a manager?

why? he came right up to you according to your own complaint and asked you about their rewards program is all? did he threaten you? did he put you down by asking if all you were gonna buy is a lousy patriots hat?

(btw i'm a pats fan too)

the next part that doesn't make sense is why your father would have been involved in the situation to begin with. you say the manager was asking for your phone number ? was it for the sears rewards program? if not they don't need your # and you don't have to give it.

as to your father threatening the employee that itself was very uncalled for.

but you admit the employee ALMOST reacted to it but his manager told him not to.

and at the end yet again you say something confusing. you say that need to not argue with customers. where were they arguing with you? the first associate came to you when you got to the counter with your hat, mentioned their rewards program, then you leave out the reason you asked for the manager who did come up.

then you mention they want your phone # which you dont' say what for.

instead of *** & moaning about a *** lousy hat how about you take your business elsewhere if sears was so bad. there's plenty of other places to buy hats from you know.


I agree...it was confusing and you made it sound as if a you were the ones at fault to be honest.