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I bought a new washer and dryer set a year ago, the washer has already quit working but I had purchased the extended warranties so I wasn’t that upset until I had to schedule repairs with sears warranty department. I was on the phone for over an hour and kept being transferred and put on hold, then I was told the earliest it could be looked at by a technician would be two weeks if I wanted to schedule an appointment but they couldn’t guarantee it would be fixed that day because parts may be required. With that basically being my only option I scheduled the appointment. I was told the technician would arrive between 8 am and 5 pm so I had to schedule a day off from work to wait around my house. A few days before the scheduled appointment a representative called to confirm the address and appointment date and a confirmation email was sent to me. The day of my service appointment sears contacted me and said they had sent a technician to the wrong address in a different state and wanted to know when to reschedule. It took every bit of will power I possess to not become irate. They could give no reason for the mistake nor did they attempt to rectify the situation. So I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was told that wasn’t possible and I would have to contact customer service to submit a complaint. The customer service number I was given was incorrect, it was the online sales number. After a 40 minute run around of why I was calling and who I was trying to contact I was placed on hold for transfer. Ten minutes later A different representative answered who was actually very helpful and said the problem could be resolved and apologized several times for all inconvenience. I thought things were going the right direction but I was proven wrong very quickly. The helpful woman transferred me to her direct supervisor where I was put on hold and then my call was disconnected. When I attempted to call back I had to go through the whole process again except this time there was no helpful woman, only people who barely spoke English and didn’t seem interested in helping to resolve the problem. They kept insisting they had already rescheduled my appointment and the problem was fixed. To which I kept explaining that another date wasn’t acceptable because I had to take off work for the original appointment and it was there mistake not mine. I was put on hold again, by this time 2 hours have passed and I still have gotten no where. When the line I was holding on was answered it was no longer a person but instead an automated service. I asked to speak to a representative to which the automated service responded “ I understand you would like to speak to a person but perhaps I can help, please describe in detail the problem you’ experiencing “ , I again requested to speak to a representative and again received the same response from the automated service. By this point my blood is really starting to boil. I ended the phone call and looked online for sears corporate complaint phone number. This complaint department was also of very little help. They kept telling me they were sorry for the mistake and understood why I would be frustrated but that there was nothing they could do except reschedule. I never received an answer on why or how the technician was sent to the wrong address in a different state. The address they had on file was correct, the address on the work order was correct but somehow the address and state the technician went to were not correct. So now I have to miss another day of work and sit at my house from 8 to 5 hoping that they will get it right this time and through all this the moral of the story is if sears screws you over there is nothing you can do about and chances are whoever is at fault will face no consequence or repercussions nor should you expect any reimbursement or compensation. If I handled any facet of my job in that manner I would no longer be employed that’s for sure.

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We as consumers spending our hard earned money deserve better quality and effort.

Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Sears Pros: Warranty, Buying in the store, Quality of items and workers in store, Sale price.

Sears Cons: No ownership to solve problem.

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