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Early April we bought a freezer on line from Sears using our reward points. At that time we were told we would have to wait 2 weeks for a delivery.

We received 3 calls that the delivery would take place between 1 and 3pm. The delivery never came and we received no call. We called the delivery phone number, 1 800 732 7747. The person who helped us had no reasonable answers to why we were not called and our freezer delivered.

The customer helper we spoke to could hardly speak English. We were then promised delivery in 2 days with an hour call before delivery. The delivery time came and went, no phone call and no delivery. We then called 1800 732 7747 and went through the exact problems we went through the first time.

No reasonable answers and poor English skills happened. We were then scheduled for delivery 3 days later. At this point I decided to call 1 800 479 5899 in hopes of actually speaking to someone in charge at Sears. Customer helper could not be understood.

I asked her to slow down and speak clearly, she did for about 20 words. Her solution was to transfer me to the original 1 800 732 7747. I once again explained everything. The people at that number knew nothing.

I then demanded to speak to her superior. After being on hold for 5 minutes we spoke to Brandon who promised to check into it. I have great difficulty with Sears farming out delivery to obviously a company that has difficulty delivering their products.

My next concern is that the English proficiency of customer helpers is so poor that they are unable to answer or understand your questions. My proof is my order number of 870003117 and no delivered freezer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Pros: Reward points.

Sears Cons: Delivery difficulty, Employees who had difficulty speaking and understanding english, Run around, Lack of interest and value show of my time.

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My mother went through the same thing. Contact your States AG and the FTC.

The only way to get Sears/SHC attention is to inform them that you carried it through. The FTC will issue you a claim number and a direct number to inquire of any progress. I "pressed on" for my mother's sake and it happened.

Persistence is the key! ---Rash Adelie Penquin ;)