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I have been dealing with Sears repair and Home Warranty with no satisfaction on the repair of my Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator. I have tried getting the issue resolved since August 2017, to no avail. They keep ordering parts that do not work and have replaced the main computer board 3 times and turned around and ordered it again. My problem is why do they keep ordering the same parts that do not fix the problem? I asked them and the technician said they have refurbished parts and maybe they could be bad. They talked me into getting a whole house warranty on August 17, 2017, when the technician came out. He convinced me that if I had to call again for anything it would be covered and if they couldn't fix it they would replace it. Well after they couldn't fix the main problem, I canceled it. But in December I got just the appliance plan warranty because after they came back 3 times I figured the warranty would kick in. At this point want to know why I have wasted money on a warranty that claims to replace the item if they can't repair it? I also want to know how many other customers of Sears has this warranty and are experiencing the same thing. I saw an elderly lady on the news who got a resolution thru consumer complaints. Sears maybe needs to be sued through a class action. I had an appointment today, March 6, 2018, between 8-12pm and no one has shown up. They called the day before to confirm the appointment. I called the service repair dept. and they had no idea where the technician was or if they can get someone else to come out. He never called to say he was delayed. I spoke to Tobie, and she assured me someone would call me, no one did.

I called corporate office on February 26, 2018, to file a complaint about the entire issue from day one. Another technician had just left and could not fix the problem. He called it in and was told to reordered another computer board, even though he tried to explain to them that the one that was installed tested to be working properly. The part is sitting in my kitchen waiting to be installed for the 4th time and the tech has not shown up today to install it. On Feb. 26th, I spoke to Rick in the home warranty dept. because I was going to cancel the warranty, but he said to wait. He would send a master technician out and that if their master technician could not repair my refrigerator they would request a replacement. He also said that if I canceled the warranty before 90 days of receiving a replacement, I would have to repay the cost of the replacement, plus the discount given on the parts I paid for in August. A joke right?

Well no tech showed up today and I have been transferred from one department to another while I am typing this email to you. I am on hold and have been for the last 30 minutes. The warranty department told me that if I canceled my contract for the warranty I would have to repay them for all parts and service I was given a discount on in August when I signed up for the warranty. I told them I wasn't paying for anything because the parts never worked and they have never been able to fix the original problem. My freezer has gotten worse since August 17, 2018, due to the over freezing and not being able to control the temperature, a crack is now going down the inside of my freezer. Today, the person I spoke with in the warranty dept., Charnell, I told her about the crack and how the problem has gotten worse, she said they can not file a claim for replacement because the original problem with the parts has not been resolved. According to Charnell, there is a 90 day warranty on parts, even though they keep replacing the same parts. There seems to be a continuous cycle to keep replacing the parts and as long as they fall under the 90-day warranty, they will not put the repair under the home appliance warranty. This is crazy and seems to be a trick way of never having to replace the item but take your money monthly for the warranty.

The last person I spoke with on today, 3/6/18, 1 pm was Charnell, who said she also put in a message to the quality control dept for my complaint on the technician not showing up today. She told me she called the service dept. and left them a message to contact me and that the tech could still show up before the end of the day. She also said that since the refrigerator has not been repaired since Aug. 17, 2018, the service department should show me some kind of customer courtesy to offer a resolution for not being able to repair it. I canceled the warranty today since I will never get a chance to use it according to her for this issue. They said they would mail me all of my payments back for the warranty, who knows how long that will take. But I would have to contact the service repair department to get my money back for the parts I paid for on August 17, 2018, that never worked. My problem now is my refrigerator has gotten worse because of the original problem not being resolved and I am sitting here looking at a part they had shipped to me with no answers. Sears is awful and should just shut down.

Sooo frustrated and hating Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Refrigerator Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Sears Cons: Fake warranty that dont stand up to promise, Length of time and effort to resolve, I hate, Repair service cancelled and rescheduled without my input.

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Sounds like a sears repair, contact your local news media and the bbb to get results. Rochester NY