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Had mower motor go bad within the two year warrantee period. Through a rod.

I changed the oil, plug, and filter and stored for winter. When I started it up in the spring the mower through a rod. Sears says it had no oil in it. When I took it in, the store manager checked the oil and saw that it was clean and as I said.

The mower was under warrantee, yet the repair dept. said it failed because of lubrication.

The mower was a low budget model, ($199.00 new) however to repair the mower they wanted $362.00. Never again will I buy from Sears.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Sears Response

Has this issue been resolved for you?

Sears Response

Has this mower issue been resolved for you?

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #804577

first you might want to spellcheck your complaint next time there are a number of errors that'll make people think twice about taking your complaint seriously. it's "warranty" not "warrantee" and it's "threw a rod" not "through a rod".

your timeline doesn't make sense either.

you say they tell you it failed because of lubrication or rather LACK of lubrication. you say first "sears says it had no oil in it" but then right after you say "when i took it in the store manager checked the oil and saw that it was clean"

so which is it?

did you bring it in and the SM saw the clean oil then magically the oil was gone?

i smell *** with this complaint and i bet you got found out for having no lubrication in the unit then tried putting it in and then coming back another time and talking to the store manager.

engines do throw rods for lack of lubrication there's just no way otherwise it would have.

so next time take better proper care of your equipment and stop putting the blame on sears. i've dealt with them with my own tool issues and been taken care of and when i had a mower issue i took it to them to have them tell me why it wasn't covered under warranty due to the fact it was stored with gas in it during the winter which gas goes BAD and screws up the carb which is NOT covered under any warranty.

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