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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I posted my disappointment earlier about a camera I had purchased via Sears on line. The Canon Camera Powershot SX240 was advertised in the Halifax Herald for the Black Friday sales. The sale ran from Thursday, November 22nd til Monday the 26th. I waited until the 22nd to place my order on line as per the code giveen WEBCODE W-5711024. The regular price (high in my estiation) was listed as being 329.99 but for this sale was reduced by 100.0 to 229.99. I would have bought the same camera at any local camera store for the same discounted price but this sale included a camera bag and 4 GB card as extras so we ordered from Sears. BIG MISTAKE!!! The order went through and they notified me by email on the 30th that my camera was in at the New Glasgow Sears Store and hubby went and picked it up for me. He thought at the time the parcel was too small to include a camera and a bag and he was right. Neither the bag or the GB card were included. I spent considerable time trying to get through to Sears via the phone and finally got dressed and headed down to my local Sears to show them the Ad and tell them what was missing from the order. The very pleasant clerk in New Glasgow said she could only give me a number to call in Corporate Head Office to have the matter rectified. The number was 1-888-473-2772 and so I returned home and called. I spoke to a very nice lady name of Ruth who said she did not know why the parts were missing but that the item is shipped to them by the manufacturer and they only reship it out do not check it so Sears wouldn not know a part was missing. I suggested that the clue should have been the size of the parcel but since it was not her fault I accepted her assurance she would check with the manufacturer and get right back to me. I have never heard from Ruth again.

Prior to my trip to chat with the clerk in New Glasgow I went on this site to complain about the lousy service and difficulty getting satisfaction on line when you have a complaint and many of my FB friends commented their own tales of woe and dissatisfaction with the service of Sears when Eric from Sears came on and responded to me as well as to each person who also complained that we should contact him at an email address and he would take care of our concerns. I did do that but never heard a word from him back. I was just preparing to call Ruth once more before going back to the Store on that Monday when I got a call from a Bill Fischl of Corporate Head Office in Ottawa. Very friendly to chat with and he apologized for the fact that Ruth hadn’t gotten back to me yet but she would still be checking on it he claimed. He asked me to be patient and allow him to check with Ruth and Corporate Buying and he would call me by Wednesday with hopefully a resolve to my problem. He gave me a number to call if he didn’t get back to me by Wednesday a supposed direct line. Wednesday came and went then on Friday Dec. 7th I called him and got his voice mail. I told him I was still waiting to hear back and that he had promised to give me an answer by Wednesday. I had to go out and I told him that but when we returned there was a voice msg from him saying he had gotten an answer for me and to call him back. I did but once again it went into his voice mail and he didn’t return my call that day. I figured I wouldn’t hear anything on the weekend but when Monday came and no call I called him not once more but 3 times and finally told him I was really ticked at the run around I was getting etc…

Today Tuesday, December 11th he finally called me back. His answer was not only ridiculous it was insulting. He suggested that the camera I ordered did not include the camera bag or the GB card. I told him I have a copy of the Ad and the Webcode number and it lists both the camera and the card and I have scanned the Ad and could send him a copy. He declined my offer suggesting then that this was a Manufacturers deal not Sears and I told him I didn’t purchase the camera from Canon the manufacturer nor was the Ad by them but it was a Sears Black Friday Ad posted in all the papers and it was Sears who accepted the order, processed it, took my money and shipped it NOT the manufacturer. He then suggested that probably it said that as long as supply lasted and that particular deal had run out. I referred him again to the ad saying it did not say that it said it was on sale at Sears from Thursday, November 22 for 5 days running until Monday, November 26th. I pointed out if the item truly did not include the camera bag and card then Sears was guilty of false advertising. He then suggested that I should return the camera to Sears and have them order the correct one. I asked how would the Sears staff in New Glasgow know what they were suppose to do because when I went in with my initial complaint that they could only refer me to Corporate Head Office which they did but I am having no luck getting Corporate Head Office to resolve it - they are simply saying it isn’t them it’s the manufacturer and what I ordered in spite of the ad didn’t include the bag and card. I guess the idea he was making was that I return the item ad reorder ad pay a higher price for the bag and card as the “sale” no longer was on.

I assured him I would indeed return it and I would never again order anything from Sears as long as it was possible to buy it anywhere in the country. I was also returning my sears card that I had held since 1966. He thanked me and told me to have a great day.

I have been disappointed with Sears in the past but this was something like I never had experienced before. False advertising, delay, delay, delay and then in my view failure to honour their own advertisement. Bill should be in Politics as he definitely talks out of both sides of his mouth and smiles and pats you on the head while he’s insulting your intelligence.

Shame, shame, shame on you Sears. I intend on sending copies of the ad and the experience I had to the Better Business Bureau as well as to every contact address I can find on the Sears site hoping that there is still somewhere in this time honoured old establishment someone who has an idea about customer service, honesty in advertising and respect for the people who purchase their products.

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Had a similar experience and talked to Bill Fischal regarding a defective gas stove that was sent to me. I had a nightmare of a time trying to get it replaced...

finally gave up and decided to get a refund. It has been 30 days since I returned it and have yet to receive a refund. Every time I call to find out the status, the story changes a bit... the date of the refund processed changes and the latest is that they have now issued me a cheque.

I have gotten so fed up I have lodged a case with Ontario Consumer Protection. These people are complete crooks and I am surprised they are still in business