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Above is the link to the online ad for a Sears-O-Pedic Split Queen Box Spring which was on sale for $200. I ordered online and I received 1/2 of the queen split box spring and am being told I have to pay another $291 for the other 1/2. The above link is the description of the box spring, it does not say anywhere that I have to order a quantity of 2 for the Queen only the King & Cal.

I spent a total of 3 1/2 hours on the telephone trying to explain this to both customer service 800-349-4358 and home delivery 800-732-7747 when I finally requested to speak with someone else, I was transferred to Sears Solutions who advised I needed to speak with the mattress dept. In order to save me from explaining the situation again, they called the dept and came back to tell me they cannot help until after 24-48hrs of the delivery.

To put this in perspective, I took the day off to be home for the delivery, I was very excited as I had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a month before I could buy the box spring. During the 3 1/2 hours of speaking to people I could not understand because of their headsets & their strong accents, I spoke to a minimum of 5 different people, Lea, Jeff, Gab (asked for the spelling)and Tamika. Tamika put me on hold while she tried to figure out how to help me, after 45 mins of her checking back with me because she was on hold, she advised that the other 1/2 of the boxspring was being delivered the next day. I asked her for the phone number of who she spoke to so I could ask if they had it in stock and could deliver the same day. When I called the number I was told there was no delivery being made and that I had to purchase the other half.

The next day I called the solutions number again and was connected to Paul who I could understand. I made Paul promise not to leave me and he didn't. He set up a conference call with Online sales, I explained the situation again and received the same answer, Paul intervened and asked to speak with a manager. The manager that came on the line was again difficult to understand and told me the name of the product clearly indicates that you would have to order 2 to make a set, I asked him to look at the ad, he said he did, but neither Paul nor I believed him. He went on to explain that even though it doesn't say you have to order 2 for the queen its implied because it stated you had to order 2 for the king.

At this point I told him that it was unacceptable, he offered me 10% off the other 1/2. I said No and told him he insulted my intelligence and basically implied I was ***. The box spring is no longer on sale and is showing a cost of $400, so I asked him if he thought it was reasonable to charge someone $800+ for a Sears brand queen box spring? He advised yes.

FYI I printed out the ad so I do have a copy.

I requested that they pick up the 1/2 of box spring and refund all of my money. He wanted to transfer me but Paul intervened again and requested that he arrange the p/u of my box spring and then I was transferred to online sales again to arrange for my refund.

While waiting on hold it was very quiet when Paul said "that was just so sad". I was surprised and asked him if he thought I was being unreasonable, he said not at all and that he expected they would take care of the problem and correct their ad.

I thanked Paul for "not leaving me" and obtained his email in case I had any problems with my refund.

I have worked in customer service for an insurance agency for over 30 years and have never treated a customer in that manner. I always felt that if a customer was upset, It was a challenge for me to make sure when we hung up that the client was satisfied, that they felt they mattered, and that however it turned out, in the end they felt that they were taken care of.

Obviously Sears does not feel the same.

I called a few local mattress stores, spoke with Kathy at City Mattress who arranged for a split queen box spring to be delivered to my home within 2 days with free delivery for $216 total for the set.

I will post this story on every public forum I can find.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $291.

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Sears is notorious for that. They appear to be the only store that considers one split box spring to be 1/2 split box spring.

Sometimes they have fine print (you must order two). Who wants 1/2 of a box spring?

Prices shown should assume you want the entire box spring. Strange


I am still waiting to get satisfaction on the mattress and box spring I bought from Sears and after going around and around and around, and swapping mattresses out and out........ then the girl I was dealing with at Sears agreed to give me a refund, HOWEVER, that girl is no longer there and I have to start all over again with another Sears employee to get my money back. We'll see......