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I called Sear's customer service and spent about 30 minutes talking to a representative before purchasing 2 Wii U Deluxe Bundles. I clearly asked the representative every possible question about the price matching policy - especially when I'm trying to price match online Sears with another Sears store.

The representative told me that if I have a copy of the receipt of the Wii U for a lower price, I can bring my Wii U in for a price match/refund in differences. That's what I did and I was rejected by 2 local Sears in Riverside,CA. Both the representatives at the two stores told me that the person I spoke on the phone with didn't know what she was talking about. I felt like I was wrongly induced into buying the products.

I ended up return both Wii U Bundles to the local Sears and I will never do business with Sears ever again. To conclude, I did not lose any money; however, the time and effort that I wasted really made me angry.

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