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Sears Automotive in Minnetonka, MN was supposed to fix my left rear wheel bearing and in the process broke my ABS (antilock brake sensor). After they damage was done they called me to tell me about it.

Now they are saying they are not responsible and I am responsible for the cost of the part which is $250. When I talked to the dealership repair manager, he indicated that breaking a sensor during this type of repair was highly irregular and the shop should be responsible for the cost to replace the part/labor. In addition, had they relayed it was a possibility they could damage/ break the sensor I would not have had them do the work.

Terrible communication, customer service and total lack of responsibility!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Similar ABS light issue (in my case after rear struts replaced) was my experience too.

It's like oxygen sensors on exhausts.

Sometimes, even a careful tech will break a sensor. It's an 'aw shucks' moment. Sometimes the tech can't tell ahead of time they might have an issue taking out a part that might damage a sensor.

But, the tech should still admit he snapped the sensor or broke something and Sears should do the right thing.

I don't understand why shops employ hacks that continually deceive people when they are the cause of a problem.

Once a pattern is established, I'm sure the service manager knows who they can count on and who does stuff-ups that need to be fixed. It's all about attitude, not ability.

Sears Response

To ABrazil,

My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Cares Escalations team. I am sorry to hear about these issues you’ve had with the local Automotive service center. I can’t imagine why the service center wouldn’t cover the repair of the sensor if they damaged it and we would like to investigate this further on your behalf. If we broke it, we are responsible for fixing it with no charge to you. You are a valued customer and we want to keep it that way. At your convenience, please contact my office via email at so we can address the issue once we have more information from you. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and we will call you directly. Also, please provide the screen name (ABrazil) you used to post on this site, for reference to this issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Brian J.

Senior Case Manager

Sears Cares


I took a newer van in to get check on premature wear on front tires. They said front end was out of alignment and proceeded to do an alignment.I said something about a power steering leak also.

They said it was nothing. 3000 miles later was in the same shop getting oil changed and again mentioned a slight drip of power steering fluid. This time they told me they don't work on steering systems even though they had one torn apart in the next bay. They said take it to my dealer which I did.

They found steering gearbox was leaking and that most of the linkage was ready to fall off. also had a wheel bearing out on the tire that was wearing out to soon. They also realigned the front end which was way out of spec. Now why didn't the person who inspected the steering and changed the oil notice that the linkage was falling off.

I seen them look at it and even removed a cover to get in to the linkage. This could have killed me had it came off on the interstate.

I drive about 3000 miles a month or more sometimes and most of it on the interstate. I won't let them do anything now on my vehicle.