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Brenda Diuro & Ronald Pabisz (c) 631-793-8755 Mr. Edward S Lampert, Chairman and CEO Sears Holding Corporation 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estate, IL 60179 Fax 847-286-8351 August 11, 2017 RE: work order #000743541673297 Dear Sir, I am DONE with Sears!

We have been a Sears appliance home for 17 years. We currently have 4 extended warrantys on all of our appliances. What good are they when you cant get a service appointment when you need one! I called over a week ago about my Kenmore refrigerators ice machine not making ice.

I was not able to get an appointment until Tuesday, August 15th (over 2 weeks)! Today I woke up to a flood in my house from the water hose in the back of my refrigerator. My husband (a recent cancer survivor) pulled the frig out and saw the hose was detached. He re-attached the hose.

That did not work. Water kept pouring out when the frig cycled. My wooden cabinets on both sides of my frig are ruined! They are soaking wet and will have to be replaced.

I called your wonderful customer service. Spoke with a gal named Chris. Told her it was an emergency and I needed a repair person her today. She said it couldnt happen.

I asked for a manager but she passed me to Protection Agreement Benefits Dept.. There I spoil to a guy named Gene. Had to reiterate the whole problem again! He at least went to speak to the routing manager.

Who said they were over booked and we wouldnt be able to get someone here until lMonday. WHY HAVE EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS? I told him I want to cancel my warranty plans and wanted a refund to my account. Well, he had to transfer me to Cancellation Dept.

I spoke to someone named Joy. After telling her the situation AGAIN, SHE HUNG UP! And never called back!!!! WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT????

I have since called a repair company who has come to our home, figured out the problem, fixed it and will be sending us the bill. Once I get that bill I will be forwarding it to you for payment, along with my repair bill for my wood cabinets. I AM BOYCOTTING SEARS. I am requesting a call back from someone from your office today.

I have called 2 times already with no call back. I would like my credit card credited back money for all the years I had extended warranty/s and the years going forward. I can be reached at 631-793-8755 Brenda Diuro Pabisz PS 3:43 PM Friday August 11, 2017 To make matters worse I just received a call from a Customer Service person (Andrees) from India who I couldn't not understand.

lHe was calling to provide me with a number to call for a US Warranty Claim !! I called the number And IT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE .THE SAME *** NUMBER I HAD BEEN CALLING!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Make sure you take pictures and save the defective part. You will have to deal with Sedgwick and they try everything to prevent paying a claim.

Record your calls and also contact the bbb news media and a lawyer. Rochester NY


Were I Edward S. Lampert, I would through your letter directly into the trash.

Why ? Because your first statement indicates that you are done with Sears.

So be it.