In June of 2021, I called Sears because the bearings in my washing machine were going. I was told that there were no service people available, and they would contact me when someone was available to service it.

In August, the washing machine broke. I called for service and was scheduled for service on 8/12/21 between 1:00-5:00. At 2:03 pm, I received an email that your service technician will be arriving between 4:37 PM and 6:07 PM. At 4:00, I received a phone call stating the service would be closer to 6:00 PM.

At 7:00, I called the number from the 4:00 phone call and was told the service person was not coming and I needed to reschedule. I rescheduled service for 8/19/21. The technician told me it could not be repaired and requested replacement. On 8/24/21, I received notification that replacement had been approved with a value of $790.00.

I did my research and found a 24 washer. Because they are stacked, I decided to get a new dryer also. I ordered both on 9/1/21. I called the protection plan number and was told that I could not order the machine.

They had to process the claim. I cancelled my order on 9/2/21. The washer was ordered. I ordered the dryer.

Delivery was scheduled for 9/17/21 between 1:00 and 3:00. I had expected a phone call prior to delivery on the day of the 17th. The machines arrived at 12:56 and I was not home. I called and dispatch told me the machines were back at shipping depot.

They stated both machines were in the same truck. The delivery was rescheduled for 9/25/21. On 9/18/21, I was informed via email and by phone that the delivery needed to be rescheduled. Your new delivery date is Wednesday, 9/29/21.

On Saturday, 9/25/21, my husband and I returned home in the evening. While letting the dog out, we saw a box on the back deck. It was pouring rain. In the box was the Electrolux dryer.

The box was wet through the plastic and cardboard. I did take photos. Sunday morning, 9/26/21, I received two emails stating that me deliveries will arrive on 9/29/21. Tonight, I tried to speak with a supervisor.

I was offered a $100.00 discount if I accepted the water-soaked machine. I am not confident that the machine will be reliable or dependable. I would like the Electrolux 24 washer and dryer delivered to my home as scheduled on 9/29/21. I have paid for removable and installation.

I would like the machine left in the rain removed. I dont understand. I have paperwork that states delivery dates: current 9/29/21, previous 9/25/21 and original 9/17/21. I dont understand why one machine was delivered on 9/25/21.

Everyone I have spoken to has the delivery listed as 9/29/21. The washer came as scheduled on 9/29/21. The technicians refused to connect the dryer due to the condition (still sopping wet). They removed the old dryer and the new wet dryer.

They left the washer. A new dryer was ordered with a delivery date of 10/15/21.

The delivery date was updated to 10/14/21. I have not heard from Sears except for feedback on my successful delivery via email.

Location: Abington, Massachusetts

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