'Tis the season where the retail frenzy along with the cold starts.I witnessed an employee of Sears who was obviously sick with the cold, sniffing, blowing their nose often and stuffy tried to ask to go home because of the cold.

This person had the cold so bad that other associates were staying away. When asked, the supervisor said NO and walked away. I understand Sears has an employee policy that during the holiday season, employees can not call in sick. This may be understandable for employee who habitually call in sick, perhaps not because they are sick.

But when an employee came to work, is standing on the customer floor, trying to demonstrate refrigerators to customers with snot running from the nose, it really demonstrates where Sear's priority is. Certainly not a priority on the folks who "press the flesh" of the Sears customers. Take home from Sears more than what you purchased, the flu or cold.

Customers, be careful this season who you do business with.Happy Holidays.


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My son is being threatened to be terminated because he got trapped by flooded waterway that is not safe to cross. I cant get home because of the waterway. Sears does not care.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #677027

that was me.


A dispute between a supervisor and employee should not have played out in public.For that reason alone the employee should've been sent home.

It gives the impression the employee or the company does not care.

The supervisor might have been worried about mandatory floor coverage numbers with an pending inspection or visit as we used to say. Not an excuse.

Sears corporate does not care.It's a take it or leave job for everyone involved.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #567391

Are you by any chance that employee?My thought is that the sick employee didn't want to lose pay by staying home sick.

I know lots of people that do that.

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