So I was going on vacation and its Feb, so no one has bathing suits out. I ordered online from Sears, I paid extra shipping to have it delivered in 2 days.

I ordered it on a Tuesday, Friday it still hadn't showed I called ups explained them my situation and they told me they forgot to put it on the truck for today, and it won't be delivered till Monday(which will be to late I will be on vacation). I then wanted to know about the extra money I had paid for nothing, the informed me to call Sears to get my refund. ( I did, Sears was great) but how is it Sears fault the idiots at ups forgot to put it on truck?

So be prepared to pay extra for shipping and wait 2 times as long as when you order. I will never use ups again, FedEx it is....

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Why are you putting this in Sears and not UPS? It isn't Sears fault.

to Anonymous #787499

We have a lot of idiots on this site that don't know which company to complain to, looks like this guy is one of them. Oh the horror he made a mistake just like they did, that according to his conclusion he must be an I d I o t.

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