worked for sears / a & e factory service for 5 yrs. as a service tech.

worked on cooking appliances and refrigerators. at sears you are just a number. forget experience, knowledge etc. they force you to do the impossible.

running 8 calls per day (4 a/m & 4 p/m) always overbooked they do not understand or care that some jobs/repairs are long jobs and doing the job right the 1st time takes time to diagnose and complete.in order to keep your job as a tech, you have to skip both of your 15 minutes breaks + instead of 30 min. lunch, you have to take 15 min. or your performance #'s drop big time. They have control over all your #'s and i know for a fact that they falsify your performane.if a customer calls back for a repair within 60 days after you have fixed it,it will go against tech even if the call back is on a completly different issue and not related to the previous repair. techs do not have all the necessary tools and equipment.

techs are not trained properly, but they don't care, they want you to sell washer magic, dishwasher magic, water filters, and protection agreements that are over priced and have many exclusions when it comes to repairs.as a tech you constantly have to face angry customers because they were over booked and tech can not be there within the 4 hour time frame, I agree with customers and always told them that as a tech I had nothing to do with scheduling and I am innocent. I had to quit as the work conditions are bad and techs are slaves and not techs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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