Northfield, Illinois
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I bought Master protection agreements for my furnace, range and refrigerator from Sears. I called to schedule a maintenance visit for my range.

They called me and emailed me stating that they will provide the service on 7/30/14 at 2:00 pm but nobody came. I called sears and they told me that they cancelled all visits to my home since October of last year because according to them I did not let the technician to leave my home. I told the sears representatives that this is a lie and I asked them why they have not communicated this to me. I requested from them their statements and all this information in writing but sears representatives refused to do it.

They answered: "We do not do that". I requested the money of all three protection agreements from refrigerator, range and furnace but the sears representative stated that she will prorate with date of yesterday,July 30 2014, and reimburse me only with $41 for my range. I told them that they have to reimburse me the entire money of all the protection agreements since they were the ones that took my money for the all the protection agreements, they were the ones that decided not to provide the services in spite that I had already paid for them and because they did not notify me of their decision of not provide the services since October of last year. I just found out yesterday, 7/30/14, that they are not going to provide any service to my furnace or my range in spite that I had already paid them.

Sears is running a scam with their protection agreements, collecting money from people and arbitrarily refusing to provide the services they offered and already paid for and refusing to reimburse the money to the customers like me and stating they will give money back but whatever they want.

I found out about their scam because I needed their services. They had the audacity of emailing me about the schedule of the appointment, calling me to confirmed the appointment, made me wait for their technician and today, I received an email from sears asking me to "Rate" my satisfaction with their service.

Monetary Loss: $582.

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