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To use common language"I've never been jerked around so bad"....I've been a Sears customer since 1968 and I think this is the last straw with Sears/Kmart.Tried to buy a mattress on their "lease to own" program.Talked to several sales people and each salesperson had a different explanation on how it worked.The Sunday ad circular stated free delivery,one salesperson said free,one said $75.00 and one said "'free over $799.00 purchase" and it just got worse from there.My wife and I were told when we called the Warwick R.I. store that they had no mattress's on display there that we would have to go to the Fall River Ma.

store to see and test the mattress's.The sales clerk in the Warwick R.I. store went over the "lease to own" program with us and said it would be the same @ the Fall River store.So we got in our car (driven by the tires we bought @ Sears)and off we went for a 55 minute drive.We arrived at the store and found the firm mattress we were looking for and said that we would purchase it under the "lease to own" program.Well the program we were told by the Warwick R.I. store was completely different than the one at the Fall River store and that there was a $75.00 delivery charge.Confused to say the least we left a little upset.To display our dissatisfaction with Sears we called the corporate office to file our complaint.The first lady we talked to transferred us to the mattress warranty claim department,so a second called was placed and was helped by a lady who gave us to reference #'s 6455487 and 6455488 and was told that the manager from each store would call us within 48 hours.Got the first call from a salesperson from the Warwick R.I. store and she stated that she was told by her manager that we were looking for a good deal on a mattress and that she would help us.Wrong again.....So when we asked to speak to the manager,he wasn't in but the assist was....After speaking to him he was no help what so ever and back to square one.We waited for the other manager to call us from the Fall River store which never happened...So we called back to the corporate office as we were told to do if we didn't hear from the two stores within the 48 hour time frame.We spoke to a lady by the name of Linda, who was the most rudest person I ever met in my life.All she tried to do is make excuse's for why they didn't call me and why I couldn't talk to the manager at both stores.It was the biggest lack of communication that I've experienced in my life.I told this rude lady that after all I've been through if Sears/Kmart wanting me for a customer that they should delivery me the $500.00 mattress we were looking at for charge.She told me I was crazy...Nice words from a company rep.Everything in my house has come from Sears,stove refridge,washer dryer,tools and when I owned my home all my lawn equipment came from there as well.I never in my life shopped Kmart,but since Sears took over I started shopping there.Just last week I bought a flat screen T.V.

and a new mobile phone for the wife......the merchandise that I have bought from Sears over the years is staggering and to be treated like this is discouraging.My mother-in-law liked the T.V. so she wanted one as well,which is not going to happen unless Sears steps up to plate and corrects this problem...and if they don't I'll never step into a Sears or Kmart again.

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Sears Response

Anonymous430545, my name is Liz and I’m part of the Sears Social Media Support Team. It sounds as if we have let you down on just about every level of customer service and would like to offer our assistance. We are truly sorry for the disappointing experience you have encountered with our business partners. We would like to obtain more specific information from you so that we can provide proper feedback. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous430545), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we’re sorry for any inconvenience we have caused you and we look forward to speaking to you soon.

Thank you,

Liz R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support